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Bioerosion is the most important strength riding the degradation of marine skeletal carbonates and limestone coasts. a large spectrum of mechanical and/or chemical dull, scraping or crushing organisms holiday down calcereous substrates, comprising a number of grazers, macroborers and particularly microborers. Their strains on and inside tough substrates are identified from fossil carbonates as previous because the Precambrian and function important palaeoenvironmental signs. Bioerosion techniques were widely studied in tropical seas, whereas corrsponding investigations from cold-temperate to polar settings stay sparse. For the 1st time, an experimental learn yields perception into the speed of carbonate degradation and the chronology of uninteresting neighborhood improvement alongside a bathymetric gradient in a high-latitude setting.

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The overall oceanographic regime is driven by an estuarine circulation pattern. Incoming dense, saline (30-35 psu) and oxygenated oceanic water underflows the High-Latitude Bioerosion: The Kosterfjord Experiment 45 more brackish (8-30 psu) surface-water outflow of the Baltic Sea (Svansson 1975). Off the northern Swedish west coast, in the Kosterfjord area, the surface water circulates with a pre-dominating northern heading consisting of the Northern Jutland Current, which continues as the Norwegian Coastal Current along the Norwegian coastline.

The investigation of microendolithic trace communities has been shown to be a strong tool for judging light availability and hence relative bathymetry in both modern and ancient environmental settings. During the past decade, a set of bathymetric index ichnocoenoses was established (Table 5), characterising the shallow-euphotic II (eulittoral) + III (sublittoral), deep-euphotic and aphotic zones (Glaub 1994, 1999; Vogel et al. 1995, 1999; Glaub et al. 2002; Vogel & Marincovich 2004). Index ichnocoenoses for the shallow-euphotic I (supralittoral) and the dysphotic zones are yet to be defined.

2). Carbonate accretion budgeting in context of the global carbonate cycle has for instance most recently been undertaken for cold-water coral reefs by Lindberg & Mienert (2005). However, more effort has to be directed towards further budgeting in order to allow a proper comparison of temperate to polar seas to the well studied tropical realm. 10 Bioerosion versus physicochemical dissolution The effects of early sea-floor processes on the taphonomy of skeletal carbonate deposits in high-latitude seas form a complex interplay of various chemical (dissolution, precipitation), physical (abrasion, breakage) and biological (bioerosion, encrustation, bioturbation) processes.

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