By Eric A. Kimmel

ISBN-10: 0823424154

ISBN-13: 9780823424153

Omar desires a snake greater than whatever, yet his mother is unenthusiastic to assert the least. although, the kinfolk manages to strike a compromise: Omar can get a corn snake; however the puppy, which he names Arrow, needs to remain inside of Omar's room, the place his mother do not need to set eyes on it. So whilst Arrow escapes, Omar has acquired to maintain his kinfolk from checking out. yet with an inquisitive little sister, and fogeys conscious of strange habit, Omar is having a time of it. whilst Arrow makes a shock visual appeal, it couldn't be on the worst moment--yet the incident turns into a catalyst for Omar to achieve a brand new realizing of his mom and her youth in war-torn Lebanon.

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I see him, too,” Mom said. She began herding Zara toward the door. “Come, honey. It’s time for your bath. Then we’ll get ready for bed. ” Zara asked. “I’ll make up a story about Arrow just for you,” Dad replied. He winked at Omar. ” he said as he accompanied Zara down the hallway toward the bathroom. “Yes, that was excellent,” Mom said. “I especially liked how you chose the name Zara wanted. You didn’t have to do that. ” “I know,” Omar said. ” “Not when they’re invisible and don’t exist,” Mom said.

That’s why snakes were welcome everywhere in the village. ” “Who’s Daadi Samp? ” Omar asked. He’d never heard this story before. “Oh, no! ” Dad went on to explain. “Daadi Samp was a big black snake,” he said. “ ‘Daadi’ in Urdu is what you call your father’s mother: Grandma. ‘Samp’ means snake. So Daadi Samp means Grandma Snake. She was the biggest snake you ever saw. Certainly the biggest I ever saw. Every summer, after the harvest was in and the rats and mice started multiplying, my uncle and the rest of the village would go to the edge of the fields that bordered on a lake.

Omar flashed on an image of Samkatt’s neighbor, Ray, being strangled by the Snake Dude. Dude! You killed your snake! “No heat rocks,” Omar said. “I read the articles online. ” “And I’ve gotten him a rheostat to control the heat output. And some simple gauges to monitor the temperature and humidity,” Dad said. ” the Snake Dude asked. “Two,” Omar said. “One for the warm side. ” “Good man! You’ve done your homework, Omar. Give me five. You too, Dad. You both know as much about setting up a habitat as a beginner can know.

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