By Marshall Brain

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Does God exist? utilizing an intellectually rigorous, medical method, Marshall Brain—the founding father of and writer of the How Stuff Works series—sets out to unravel the everlasting debate as soon as and for all. With a compelling experience of interest, he breaks down mankind's look for the next energy, tackling such quandaries as: Who is God? What are his attributes? what's God doing and why? How does God engage with humanity? And finally, how can people understand with sure bet even if God is genuine or imaginary? How God Works is an enlightening trip in serious considering that demanding situations readers to boldly technique the topic of non-public religion and set aside instinct in desire of objectivity and common sense.

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Hoffman, “Muslim Fundamentalists,” .   New Political Religions, or An Analysis of Modern Terrorism someone else, with an entirely different grievance, to use terrorism in a quite different context. Here the image of an up-bound escalator is not misleading. 52 As Paul Bremmer, former counterterrorism coordinator for the State Department, said: “There’s no point in addressing the so-called root causes of bin Laden’s despair with us. We are the root causes of his terrorism. He doesn’t like America.

44 As we shall argue below, a specific set of analytic terms is needed to understand the significance of recasting a political problem into religious language. One thing however, seems clear: when religiously motivated individuals seek to leave the exile in which they find themselves by acting violently in the world, they end up harming their fellow beings merely for being human. More specifically still, the “Afghan Arabs” who make up a disproportionate number of the Al Qaeda network have been cut loose or expelled from their traditional world.

Thucydides’s opening paragraph explains that the sheer greatness of the crisis, namely, the war between Athens and Sparta, explains why he wrote his book—as if it were self-evident that the great deeds of war needed to be preserved in memory for the sake of posterity. The stories were not a justification of the deeds of warriors before some higher tribunal; even less were they the justification of war. They were, on the contrary, expressions of the meaning of the deeds of warriors, of their heroism and greatness.

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