By Randy D. Smith

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I still felt that a double barrel should be taken. I can reload a White muzzleloader within twenty seconds. It is the fastest reloading muzzleloader I have ever used due to BOSON BOOKS 31 Randy D. Smith White’s unique slip fit projectiles. Some muzzleloaders using modern tight fitting sabots take a full minute to reload. Even the Whites, however, are not in the same league as my Ruger No. 1s, both of which can be reloaded within three seconds. If we got in a situation in Africa where I was called upon to backup a shooter or defend myself in close quarters, I strongly felt that it was better to have a double barrel and not need it, rather than to need it and not have it.

But just a bit of reflection indicates the extreme challenge of this kind of hunting. Gefroh was proud that the bull had traveled less than a hundred yards after regaining his footing. I would be as well but the shot was taken at only twenty-five yards. The 860-grain slug traveled through both lungs, through the shoulder and was lodged in the skin from a range of twenty-five yards. The 600-grain Power Punch SCB using 140 grains of Pyrodex P traveled through both lungs and lodged against the far rib cage from a range of eighty-nine yards on our buffalo hunt.

Nor can any muzzleloading firearm supply repeat shots at anywhere near the rate of even a cartridge firing single shot. A modern muzzleloader may look as good as a smokeless powder rifle but it isn’t and it won’t ever be. With the advent of Pyrodex Pellets someone got the idea that he could load three fifty-grain pellets very easily and increase velocity enough to use the concept as a means of selling more muzzleloaders. Never mind that the rifles weren’t nearly as accurate; that barrels clogged up with powder debris so much that you needed to swab after every shot to load it; that many very good muzzleloader projectiles didn’t stand up to the charge, or that the recoil was enough to shake teeth fillings loose.

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