By Viktor V. Zhdankin

ISBN-10: 1118341031

ISBN-13: 9781118341032

Hypervalent Iodine Chemistry is the 1st accomplished textual content overlaying all the major points of the chemistry of natural and inorganic polyvalent iodine compounds, together with purposes in chemical examine, drugs, and industry.

Providing a complete review of the practise, houses, and artificial purposes of this significant classification of reagents, the textual content is gifted within the following way: 

  • The introductory chapter presents a historical background and describes the general category of iodine compounds, nomenclature, hypervalent bonding, structural gains, and the rules of reactivity of polyvalent iodine compounds.
  • Chapter 2 gives a close description of the preparative tools and structural features of all identified periods of natural and inorganic derivatives of polyvalent iodine.
  • Chapter three, the key bankruptcy of the booklet, offers with the numerous applications of hypervalent iodine reagents in natural synthesis.
  • Chapter four describes the main recent achievements in hypervalent iodine catalysis.
  • Chapter 5 bargains with recyclable polymer-supported and nonpolymeric hypervalent iodine reagents.
  • Chapter 6 covers the "green" reactions of hypervalent iodine reagents less than solvent-free stipulations or in aqueous solutions.
  • The ultimate bankruptcy provides an outline of the real practical applications of polyvalent iodine compounds in drugs and industry.

This publication is aimed toward all chemists attracted to iodine compounds, together with educational and commercial researchers in inorganic, natural, actual, medicinal, and organic chemistry. it is going to be really beneficial to man made natural and inorganic chemists, together with graduate and complicated undergraduate scholars. It comprehensively covers the golf green chemistry elements of hypervalent iodine chemistry, making it in particular precious for commercial chemists.

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4 summarizes the preparation methods for organic iodosyl compounds. 1 Preparation by Oxidation of Organic Iodides Aryl iodides smoothly react with dimethyldioxirane (DMDO) in acetone to give mainly, depending on the amount of DMDO, iodosyl- or iodylarenes, which precipitate from the solution [97]. 4 Preparation of organo-iodosyl compounds. 9) [103]. 10) [104]. Upon raising the temperature to –40 ◦ C, in the presence of moisture iodosylmethane decomposes to form the unstable hypoiodous acid, HOI, which can be trapped in situ by an alkene to afford iodohydrins.

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DiMagno and coauthors reported a convenient procedure for almost quantitative generation of PhIF2 in acetonitrile solution by the reaction of PhI(OAc)2 with anhydrous tetrabutylammonium fluoride under absolutely dry conditions [58]. 3 Structural Studies Only several structural studies of organo-iododifluorides, RIF2 , have been reported in the literature. 4(2)◦ [37]. 2). 45 A [59]). Theoretical studies of CF3 IF2 by ab initio and DFT (density functional theory) calculations have also been reported [60].

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