By Catherine E Housecroft; A G Sharpe

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11) combines the concepts of classical mechanics with the idea of wave-like properties by showing that a particle with momentum mv (m ¼ mass and v ¼ velocity of the particle) possesses an associated wave of wavelength . ¼ h mv where h is the Planck constant ð1:11Þ An important physical observation which is a consequence of the de Broglie relationship is that electrons accelerated to a velocity of 6 Â 106 m sÀ1 (by a potential of 100 V) have an associated wavelength of %120 pm and such electrons are diffracted as they pass through a crystal.

G. 1c), and Sx -chains of various lengths (polycatenasulfur). Further examples of isotopes and allotropes appear throughout the book. Do not confuse isotope and allotrope! Sulfur exhibits both isotopes and allotropes. 02%). Allotropes of an element are different structural modifications of that element. Allotropes of sulfur include cyclic S6 Part of the helical chain of S∞ 3. Why in question 2 is it adequate to write 63 29 Cu? 63 Cu rather than Isotopes of an element have the same atomic number, Z, but different atomic masses.

N À 1Þ. The value of l determines the shape Fig. 4 Definition of the polar coordinates (r, , ) for a point shown here in pink; r is the radial coordinate and  and  are angular coordinates.  and  are measured in radians (rad). Cartesian axes (x, y and z) are also shown. *umeshy* Housecroft-9780131755536_01, 9/17/7, 16, 16:27, page: 10 10 Chapter 1 . Basic concepts: atoms of the atomic orbital, and the orbital angular momentum of the electron. The value of the magnetic quantum number, ml , gives information about the directionality of an atomic orbital and has integral values between þl and Àl.

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