By Nataliya Turova

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The current complement to Inorganic Chemistry classes is built within the type of reference schemes, featuring the knowledge on one or a number of comparable point derivatives and their mutual variations inside of one double-sided sheet. The compounds are put from left to correct similar to the rise within the formal oxidation variety of the aspect thought of. for every detailed oxidation nation the higher place within the column is occupied by way of an oxide, its hydrated types, then via uncomplicated (and oxo-) and basic salts. the placement of every compound during this scheme is unambiguously made up our minds during this process by means of the primary atom oxidation quantity (in the horizontal course) and the character of ligand (in the vertical one), which simplifies significantly the quest for useful details. The mutual alterations are displayed by way of arrows observed by way of the reagents or different components liable for the response (red arrows suggest oxidation, eco-friendly arrows suggest aid, black arrows – if the oxidation quantity isn't changed). glossy education courses require the studying of a massive quantity of information. the current tables may still function an invaluable addition to textbooks and lectures.

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P. 35, dec. 160, readily sol. in ¯2°, K1=10À2, K2=10À7, K3=10À12 H5As3O10 , chains of oct. and tetrah. with common vertices; H3AsO4 Á 2 H2O (co 21) 23, 28) BiO(ClO4), sol. in ¯2° [Bi6O4(OH)4](ClO4)6 Á 7 H2O [Bi2O(OH)2]SO4, cation chain of oct. 6, [:BiO4] ë disphenoid Bi2O2CO3, 400 À3 Bi2O3  sol. , conc. HCl, M2CO3, M2S 120 (ÀH2O) O3 Antimonates (III) 21) M3[Sb(OH)6], M[Sb(OH)4], anion tetrah. NaSbO2 Á 3 H2O5 BaSb3O5(OH) Na3SbO3; NaSb5O8 M2Sb6O10; M2Sb4O7, in str. c-tetrah. and c-trig. , MII[Sb2O4], MII=Mg, Zn, Mn ë Ni, str.

P. À52, b. p. 119, Kbas. = 10À6 , DH= À243 Na 23) n NH3 Á H2O , n=2[(NH4)2O, m. p. ], 1 = "NH4OH" (m. p. ëchains (H2O)n, connected mol. NH3); 1/2 (m. p. ëmol. H2O ë disordered) MXn Á y NH3 N4H4, tetrazene, trans-H2N ì N=N ì NH2, cr. , subl. vac. ) > (e NH3+H2O>NH3 Á H2O (= + OH , "ammonium hydroxide", "NH4OH" À ‰NH‡ 4 Š‰OH Š ˆ 10À5 Kˆ +O2 ; Cl2; CuO(t) À3 N2 ‰NH3 : H2 OŠ 17) N2H4, hydrazine (diamide), liq. , fumed, t m. p. 2, b. p. 83, e = 52 + + H2O . N2 H6 + OH , À16 K2 ˆ 10 , strong Red. HX 1.

P. , DH ˆ À577, sol. in H2O 62% (15 ), in str. , Á n H2O, n ˆ 1 À 4, v. strong Ox. , anion ë tetrah. , À23 ë glass, 9) b. p. 377 ) À O2 ClF, WF6 CrO3 PHal5 HHal F2 CrO2X2, X = ClO4, CH3COO, SO3F, NO3, OR, Sb2F11, SbF611) Chromylhalides m. p. b. p. 30 subl. , vlt. , red À À CrO2Br2, cr. sol. in CCl4, v. , + org. mol. , mol. ë dist. tetrah. , red, m. p. , paramagn. (2 unpair. ), mol. ë pentag. bipyr. sol. , exp. (t), 17) diamagn. , exp. >170 , readily sol. in H2O (Na) paramagn. (1 unpair. ), m.

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