By Dimitri Coucouvanis

ISBN-10: 0471208256

ISBN-13: 9780471208259

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The Inorganic Syntheses sequence offers inorganic chemists with distinctive and foolproof tactics for the practise of significant and well timed compounds. quantity 33 contains provocative contributions on syntheses of chosen supramolecules, invaluable reagents/ligands, reliable kingdom materials/clusters, and different compounds of basic curiosity.

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E. Raghavachari, Chem. Phys. Letters 125 (1986) 459. A. Yang, P. L. A. Bloomfield, Phys. Rev. Letters 66 (1991 ) 1205. 22 Reprinted with permission from Chemical Physics Letters Vol. 2,3, pp. Fostiropoulos a and Donald R. O. > 100 Tom He) new absorption features have been observed in the infrared (the strongest at 1429, 1183, 577, and 528 cm-I). Broader features also have been observed in the ultraviolet (the strongest at 340,270, and 220 nm). By studying I3C-enrichedsamples we have shown that the infrared absorptions are produced by large, pure carbon molecules.

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