By Herbert D. Kaesz

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Content material: bankruptcy 1: Main-group compounds -- common -- bankruptcy 2: Boron compounds -- bankruptcy three: Transition steel coordination compounds -- bankruptcy four: Transition steel organometallics and ligands -- bankruptcy five: Cluster and cage compounds containing transition metals

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Suzuki, and M. , 1982, 23, 4589. -H. Chan and J . 4 . Li, J . Chem. ,Chem. , 1982, 969. l2O The reaction fails for (E)-cuprates where R3=H. 122On reaction of the allenic esters (222) R' R' I llg N. 120 A. 121 Jabri, A. Alexakis, and J. F. , 1982, 23, 1589. Alexakis and J. F. , 1982, 23, 5151. S. Tsuboi. T. Masuda, and A. Takeda, J. Org. , lZ2 B. Psaume, M. Montury, and J. Gore, Synth. , 1982, 12, 409. 1982, 23, 209. General and Synthetic Methods 34 with Fe,(CO), and subsequent heating with boron trifluoride etherate, iron tricarbonyl 2-ethoxycarbonylbutadienes(223) are generated in good ~ i e 1 d .

E. Keck and R. R. , 1982, 23, 3051. lag N. R. Pearson, G. Hahn, and G. Sweifel, J. Org. , 1982, 47, 3364. l*O M. Ishiguro, N. Ikeda, and H. Yamamoto, Chem. , 1982, 1029. 141 J. Pornet, D. Mesnard, and L. , 1982, 23, 4083. la7 138 Saturated and Unsaturated Hydrocarbons 39 converted into the silyl enolates (263), which rearrange under flash vacuum pyrolysis to furnish the a-allenic carbonyl compounds (264) in moderate yield ( w 40 %)142,143 0 0 R'CI-IZvR3 R2 (262) - Me3SiO "&~3 OX RL1 + (263) X = SiMe3, R3 =OMe X=H,R3=alkyl =P C R2 (264) The well-established synthesis of allenes by the substitution reaction of cuprates with propargylsulphonates has been applied to the preparation of the a-allenic amines (268), by the addition of the new cuprate (266) to the sulphonates (265).

1982, 23, 5155. A. Carpita, Synthesis, 1982, 469. F. Sato, H. Watanabe, Y. Tanaka, and M. Sato, J . Chem. ,Chem. , 1982, 1126. H. Nishiyama, H. Narimatsu, and K. , 1982,23,1267. Saturated and Unsaturated Hydrocarbons 21 epoxides (11 l), and the intermediate allylsilanes (112) are readily converted into the allyl alcohols (113) by one of the two methods outlined in Scheme 21. Itoh et Br (111) ( 1 10) IV, v (1 12) Reagents: i, THF,CuI,(I 11); ii, PhSeC1,Et3N;iii, Hz02; iv, MCPBA; v, H2S04 (1 13) Scheme 21 al.

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