By Richard J. Fleming, James E. Jamison

ISBN-10: 1420010204

ISBN-13: 9781420010206

ISBN-10: 1584883863

ISBN-13: 9781584883869

A continuation of the authors’ prior book, Isometries on Banach areas: Vector-valued functionality areas and Operator areas, quantity covers a lot of the paintings that has been performed on characterizing isometries on quite a few Banach areas.

Picking up the place the 1st quantity left off, the publication starts with a bankruptcy at the Banach–Stone estate. The authors examine the case the place the isometry is from C 0( Q , X ) to C 0( okay , Y ) in order that the valuables consists of pairs ( X , Y ) of areas. the following bankruptcy examines areas X for which the isometries on LP ( μ , X ) might be defined as a generalization of the shape given through Lamperti within the scalar case. The publication then reports isometries on direct sums of Banach and Hilbert areas, isometries on areas of matrices with a number of norms, and isometries on Schatten periods. It as a result highlights areas on which the crowd of isometries is maximal or minimum. the ultimate bankruptcy addresses extra peripheral themes, equivalent to adjoint abelian operators and spectral isometries.

Essentially self-contained, this reference explores a basic point of Banach area idea. appropriate for either specialists and beginners to the sphere, it deals many references to supply good assurance of the literature on isometries.

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5. ) It is only necessary to show that for Mh ∈ Z(X), h is continuous at each t ∈ K. Given t0 ∈ K, there exist a compact neighborhood U of t0 , u ∈ E with u = 1 and F ∈ C0 (K, E) such that F (t) = u for all t ∈ U . © 2008 by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC 22 7. THE BANACH-STONE PROPERTY Since hF is continuous at t0 , given > 0, there is a neighborhood U0 of t0 and contained in U such that hF (t) − hF (t0 < for all t ∈ U0 . Therefore, for such t we have |h(t) − h(t0 )| = h(t)u − h(t0 )u = hF (t) − hF (t0 ) < .

Letting x = F (s)/ F , we have x ∈ S(X) and F ∈ F(x, s). For t ∈ B(x, s) we have T F (t) = F = T F . It is straightforward to show that if M is a C0 (Q)-module, then the strong boundary of M is equal to β(M ). Hence we could replace σ(M ) with β(M ) in the statements of the two previous results. The notion of strong boundary is usually given for subspaces A of C0 (Q). Not a great deal is known about the strong boundary even in this case. When σ(A) is equal to Q, then A is said to be extremely regular.

We let K0 (T ) be the union of the sets B(s) for s ∈ Q. The remainder of the proof follows as before. 11. Corollary. Suppose A, B are both normal closed subspaces of C0 (Q), C0 (K), respectively, such that the the strong boundaries of A, B are dense in Q, K, respectively. Let M ∈ A(A) be a C0 (Q)-module in C0 (Q, X) and N ∈ A(B) a C0 (K)-module in C0 (K, Y ), where X and Y are both strictly convex. If T is an isometry from M onto N , there exist a homeomorphism © 2008 by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC 36 7.

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