By Donald G Bloesch

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FROM dirt JACKET: necessities of Evangelical Theology is the only significant American paintings of its type to be released in different many years. It defines, clarifies, and explores the results of a broadly-based Evangelicalism. during this moment of 2 volumes, Dr. Donald G. Bloesch takes up a few of the key matters dealing with Christianity this day; The cruciality of preaching. The priesthood of believers. The project of the church. Eschatology. Heaven and hell. The unique nature of Evangelical religion. As in quantity 1, Dr. Bloesch deftly balances dedication to ancient religion and the recent lifestyles present in Christ.

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The radical Pietists, unlike the Puritans, sought to build not holy commonwealths but eschatological communities, anticipatory signs of the coming kingdom of God. Both Puritanism and Pietism signify a reaction against a purely external religion. The worship in the Anglican churches in England, as in the state churches of Protestant Europe, had become formalistic. Prayers were recited rather than spoken from the heart. Symbols and ceremonies gradually preempted the preaching of the Word. Creedalism came to be the badge of orthodoxy.

3:9 NIV). To be sure, Jesus Christ is depicted as having perfected for all time "those who are sanctified" (Heb, 10:14), but it is incumbent on the believer to strive for this perfection in his own life (Heb, 12:14). Holiness is both a gift and a task. It has been accomplished by Christ in his sacrificial work on Calvary, the fruits of which are applied to our lives by the Holy Spirit. At the same time, it is realized through our striving and prayers. Empirical piety, works of love, are a sign and manifestation of holiness but not its essence: The essence of holiness is the love of God poured out upon our hearts.

E same time, Kling also conceives salvation primarily as the realizat~on of man's humanity rather than deliverance from the condemnation of hell or transformation into the image of God's glory. THE UFE OF PRAYER While evangelical piety focuses attention on the agonizing needs of the world, it does not lose sight ofthe truth that all social service must be grounded in a life of prayer. Prayer is the very "soul of faith" (~alvin), an? its neglect means the demise of true religion. "81 Prayer is both a gift a~~ a command: it is a command made possible by an outpouring of divine grace.

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