By V. P. Havin, S.V. Hruscev, N.K. Nikol'skii

ISBN-10: 3540128697

ISBN-13: 9783540128694

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8. A. On weighted polynomial approximation of entire functions. F. , 1971, 36, 523-539. 3. ) if for each point ~ of its boundary ~ there exists an analytic p l a n e { ~ C ~ : ~ 1 + ° ° . +~+~=0~passing through ~ and not intersecting ~ . , ~ = ~IK ~ K ). c. domains approximating ~ from the outside. ~Tartineau and references may be found in [1]-[5]. c. domain with ~-boundary then every function continuous in ~ 0 ~ ~ and holomorphic in ~ has a simple integral representation in terms of its boundary values.

W o j t a s z c z y k nal basis in H~ P. ,1982, 5. W o j t a s z c z y k tems. - Studia Math. 6. W o j t a s z c z y k P. H P -spaces, 20, No 2, 293-300. ~ and spline sys- (to appear). P. isomorphic to Hardy spaces Math. The Franklin system is an unconditio- Hardy spaces on the complex ball are on the disc, ~ ~ 0 there is a bounded linear o p e r a t o r T : × • × ~ o h that IJ~-T~H < 6 when ~ E . and such that T has finite rank.

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Ao 0 pasxo~eHH rOXOM0p~H~X ~ y H E ~ MHO-r~x EOM~XeEc~x nepeMeHH~x Ha n p o c T e ~ e ~po6H. x. I967, 8, ~5, II24-II42. A. JI~He~HaH B H ~ O O T B B C ~ ~ passe,fet e OCO6eHHOCTe~ rO~OMOp~H~X ~y~EL~. , 1967, 15, N 7, 487-495. Mo 0d O~HOM Me-TO~e C ~ o B a H ~ nO Bopam~ ~--KpaTH~X C T e H e ~ p ~ O B . -- CE6. MaT°Z. 1971, 12, ~ 6, 1898-1404. C. 06 O6~aCT~X IDJ~OMOp~HOCT~ ~ C ~e~OTB~Te~H~m~ ~ HeoTp~aTe~ Te~~OpOBCE~ EOS~eHTa~. -- T e o p . , 1972, 15, 50-55. M. 0 CBO~CTBaX ~ , ID~OMOp~H~X Ha c ~ o Jl~He~n~o B ~ MHo~eCTBaX.

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