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14 ‰ 01 Refuelling or open vessel - all or some fuel inside the core ‰ 02 Refuelling or open vessel - all fuel out of the core 13. 805 Pre-operational: Choose the status and go to No. 14 ‰ 01 Construction ‰ 02 Commissioning 22 22 14. Location or Building of Fire: Choose building area where fire originated 01 - Containment (PWR) 02 - Reactor Building (BWR) 03 - Drywell (BWR) 04 - Radwaste Building/Area 05 - Auxiliary Building 06 - Fuel Handling Building/Area 07 - Service Building 08 - Turbine Building 09 - Control Room/Building 10 - Diesel Generator Building/Area 11 - Switchgear Room 12 - Battery Room 13 - Cable Spreading Room 14 - Intake Structure 15 - Transformer Yard 16 - Switchyard/Substation 17 - Boiler 18 - Oil Storage Tanks 19 - Scrubber 20 - Administration Building/Area 21 - Training Building 22 - Security Building 23 - Warehouse 24 - Maintenance Shop 25 - Cooling Tower 26- Fire Pump House 27 - Intermediate Building 28 - Other (specify) 29 - Not Available 15.

3] INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY (IAEA), Fire in a charcoal bed of the off-gas system, IAEA Incident Reporting System (IRS), IRS-No. 359, Vienna (1983). [4] INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY (IAEA), Hydrogen fire following a line rupture in the reactor building annulus, IAEA Incident Reporting System (IRS), IRSNo. 1225, Vienna (1991). [5] INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY (IAEA), Damage of an instrument transformer causes loss of offsite power to both units, IAEA Incident Reporting System (IRS), IRS-No.

The fire could be extinguished by the fire brigade within very few minutes. Nevertheless, the reactor had to be shutdown. The lubrication oil support was totally damaged by the fire, the turbine hall was effected by smoke and soot. Two steel constructions girds were strongly affected by the heat and showed signs of deterioration. At a BWR plant, a fire inside the insulation material for a turbine valve occurred in 1980. The fire was detected by automatic fire detectors and could be successfully extinguished by means of portable fire extinguisher by plant personnel within minutes.

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