By V. A. Marchenko, A. Boutet de Monvel, H. McKean (Editors)

Articles during this volume:

Square Integrability and specialty of the suggestions of the Kadomtsev–Petviashvili-I Equation
Li-yeng Sung

Soliton Asymptotics of options of the Sine-Gordon Equation
Werner Kirsch and Vladimir Kotlyarov

On the Davey–Stewartson and Ishimori Systems
Nakao Hayashi and Pavel I. Naumkin

Stochastic Isometries in Quantum Mechanics
P. Busch

Complex superstar Algebras
L. B. de Monvel

“Momentum” Tunneling among Tori and the Splitting of Eigenvalues of the Laplace–Beltrami Operator on Liouville Surfaces
S. Yu. Dobrokhotov and A. I. Shafarevich

Nonclassical Thermomechanics of Granular Materials
Pasquale Giovine

Random Operators and Crossed Products
Daniel H. Lenz

Schrödinger Operators with Empty Singularly non-stop Spectra
Michael Demuth and Kalyan B. Sinha

An Asymptotic growth for Bloch capabilities on Riemann Surfaces of endless Genus and nearly Periodicity of the Kadomcev–Petviashvilli Flow
Franz Merkl

Lifshitz Asymptotics through Linear Coupling of Disorder
Peter Stollmann

Sharp Spectral Asymptotics and Weyl formulation for Elliptic Operators with Non-smooth Coefficients
Lech Zielinski

Topological Invariants of Dynamical platforms and areas of Holomorphic Maps: I
Misha Gromov

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In particular, Equation (A) includes two physical examples appearing in fluid dynamics. The elliptic–hyperbolic Davey–Stewartson system can be reduced to Equation (A) with (1) (1) N1 = |u|2 u, Kx = ∂y (|u|2 ), Ky = ∂x (|u|2 ), and all the rest components of the vectors Kx and Ky are equal to zero. The elliptic–hyperbolic Ishimori system is involved in Equation (A), when N1 = (1 + |u|2 )−1 u(∇u)2 , and Kx = −Ky = (1 + |u|2 )−2 (ux uy − ux uy ). Our purpose in this paper is to prove the local existence in time of small solutions to the Cauchy problem (A) in the usual Sobolev space, and the global-in-time existence of small solutions to the Cauchy problem (A) in the weighted Sobolev space under some conditions on the complex conjugate structure of the nonlinear terms, namely if N (eiθ v) = eiθ N (v) for all θ ∈ R.

We consider the first term of the right-hand side of the √ above. 12) with g = φ, q = r = ∞, p = s = 2, we find Y∗ Su, Xφ∂x ψu φY∗ S |∂x |u + C u e3 ×e 2e4 ϕ ϕ ∞ ∞ ψ φ +C u e 2 6 ϕ ϕ ∞ φ 1,0,∞ (1 |∂x |u + C u e 3 ϕ S L∞ y S L∞ y |∂x |u ∞ 2 1,0,∞ φ 2 + + ψ ψ ∞ S L∞ y 2 1,0,∞ + ϕ ψ 1,0,∞ (1 |∂x |u 1+ ϕ 1,0,∞ ) × + ϕ 1,0,∞ ) 2 2 1,0,∞ . Thus the first estimate of the lemma is proved. 8) with p = q = 2 we have Su, S∂y−1 (φψ)∂x u = Y∗ Su, X∂y−1 (φψ)∂x u Y∗ Su, X∂y−1 (φ∂x ψ)u + Y∗ Su X∂y−1 (φψx )u Y∗ Su, X∂y−1 (φ∂x ψ)u + Ce2 φ × ψ 2 L∞ x Ly + ψx 2 L∞ x Ly ϕ ∞ 2 L∞ x Ly × 2 u .

1 we obtain Im(Su, Mu) Su, ωj2 S|∂j |u = 2 =2 j =1,2 ωj Su, ∂j ωj SHj u − [∂j , ωj S]Hj u j =1,2 64 N. HAYASHI AND P. I. NAUMKIN = −2 ωj S |∂j |u + |∂j |, ωj S u, j =1,2 − ωj S |∂j |u + |∂j |Hj , ωj S Hj u − 2 (ωj Su, [∂j , ωj S]Hj u) j =1,2 2 ωj S |∂j |u 2 − ωj S |∂j u |∂j |, ωj S u + j =1,2 |∂j |Hj , ωj S Hj u + − |∂j |, ωj S u |∂j |Hj , ωj S Hj u − − 2|(ωj Su, [∂j , ωj S]Hj u)| 2 ωj S |∂j |u −C u 2 exp(2 ϕ ∞) ω 4 ∞ + ω ω ∞ 1,0,∞ . 7). In the next lemma we prepare some estimates of different terms appearing in the nonlinearity.

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