By Richard Spears

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The 411 at the newest American slang This updated dictionary offers you with 2,100 entries together with colourful phrases and words from tv and flicks, in addition to the streets and campuses.

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There was no way to get around it. Charles 1. n. cocaine. ) ᭜ Is there a house where I can buy some Charles somewhere close? 2. n. a Caucasian. (Black. ) ᭜ And what is Charles gonna say about what you did to his car? chart n. a musical score. (Musicians. ) ᭜ Come on, man! Look at the chart! You’re making clinkers like hot cakes. chas and chez [tSAz and tSEz] n. matches. (Collegiate. ) ᭜ You got a couple of chez? cheapie n. a cheaply made article. ) ᭜ It broke. I guess it was a cheapie. 40 chewed cheaters n.

Something or someone important. ᭜ As problems go, this one’s a biggie. 2. n. copulation. ) ᭜ But I don’t think I’m ready for the biggie. big-ticket mod. having to do with something expensive. ᭜ In a survey taken last month, heads of families said they were unwilling to put big-ticket items at the bottom of their shopping lists. bike boys n. cops; the police. ᭜ Look out! Here come the bike boys. bimbo [“bImbo] 1. n. a clownlike person. ᭜ If that bimbo doesn’t keep quiet, I’ll bop him. 2. n. a giddy woman; a sexually loose woman.

A search of the rectum, as when police look for drugs. ᭜ Willie got arrested and had a booty check since he was walking funny. booty-cheddar n. nonsense; bullshit. ᭜ I’m tired of listening to all your booty-cheddar. bosom chums and bosom friends n. lice. ᭜ The old guy sat there scratching at his bosom chums. ᭜ My bosom friends keep me awake all night. boss dick n. a cop; a police officer. ) ᭜ The boss dick slugged me in the face and said I should be more careful. boss lady n. the woman in charge.

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