By E Arnaud, G P Halverson, G Shields-Zhou

ISBN-10: 1862393346

ISBN-13: 9781862393349

Lately, curiosity in Neoproterozoic glaciations has grown as their pivotal function in Earth method evolution has turn into more and more transparent. one of many major objectives of the IGCP undertaking quantity 512 was once to provide a synthesis of newly on hand details on Neoproterozoic successions around the world comparable in structure to Hambrey & Harlands (1981) Earths pre Pleistocene Glacial checklist. This Memoir for that reason contains a sequence of review chapters by means of site-specific chapters. The review chapters conceal key subject matters together with the heritage of study on Neoproterozoic glaciations, id of glacial deposits, chemostratigraphic strategies and datasets, palaeomagnetism, biostratigraphy, geochronology and weather modelling. the location particular chapters for 60 successions around the world comprise reports of the background of analysis on those rocks and up to date syntheses of the structural framework, tectonic environment, palaeomagnetic and geochronological constraints, actual, organic, and chemical stratigraphy, and outlines of the glaciogenic and linked strata, together with fiscal deposits.

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The many components during which we post in include:

-Petroleum geology
-Tectonics, structural geology and geodynamics
-Stratigraphy, sedimentology and paleontology
-Volcanology, magmatic reports and geochemistry
-Remote sensing
-History of geology
-Regional geology publications

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204), water vapour provides ‘a blanket more necessary to the vegetable life of England than clothing is to man’. Radiative energy balance is maintained because the atmosphere ‘constitutes a local dam, by which the temperature of the Earth’s surface is deepened: the dam, however, finally overflows, and we give to space all that we receive from the Sun’ (Tyndall 1863, p. 205). Tyndall understood that water vapour cannot be the ultimate cause of climate change, because its concentration is itself a strong function of temperature.

1871 –1908: pioneering discoveries Following the first identification of glaciogenic deposits now known to be Neoproterozoic in age in Scotland (Thomson 1871), similar discoveries were made in Australia (Woodward 1884), Norway (Reusch 1891), Svalbard (Garwood & Gregory 1898), South China (Willis 1904) and India (Holland 1908). The deposits in the extreme NE of Norway made the biggest initial impact. Hans Reusch (1852– 1922), then Director of the Norwegian Geological Survey, found them around the head of Varangerfjorden, not far from the Russian border.

Assuming the dolomite to be primary or early diagenetic, he concludes that ‘abrupt climatic warming at the close of late Precambrian glacial epochs is implied’, consistent with the d18O data (Williams 1979). g. Harland 1964a; Crawford & Daily 1971; Dunn et al. 1971; Rankama 1973; Schermerhorn 1977). The cause of glaciation was barely mentioned – Harland (1964a) suggested diminished solar forcing and Williams (1972, 1974, 1975) appealed to large variations in the Earth’s orbital obliquity (see below).

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