By I. Prigogine, Stuart A. Rice(eds.)

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The hot version will give you the sole complete source on hand for non-linear optics, together with particular descriptions of the advances during the last decade from world-renowned experts.Content:

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The quantum states with reduced quantum noise for a particular physical quantity can be prepared in various nonlinear processes. Such states have no classical counterparts; that is, the results of some physical measurements cannot be explained without explicit recall to the quantum character of the field. The methods of theoretical description of quantum noise are the subject of Gardiner’s book [3]. This chapter is not intended as a presentation of general methods that can be found in the book; rather, we want to compare the results obtained with a few chosen methods for the two, probably most important, nonlinear processes: second-harmonic generation and downconversion with quantum pump.

Downconversion, 2–3 software program for, 74–76 Second-order coherence: nonlinear quantum optics, higher-harmonic generation, classical trajectories, 513–516 quantum interference, 87–89 Second-order correlation function: quantum interference, 89–91 coupled dipole moment systems, 93 distinguishable photons, 133–136 photon correlations, 132–139 second-order optical coherence, 87–89 quantum optics, sub-Poissonian photon statistics, 6 second-harmonic generation, symbolic calculations, 30–34 Second-order dispersion, frequency parametric downconversion, nonlinear quantum optics, polarization analog, Hong-OuMandel interferometer, 544–545 Second-order perturbation: cavity fields, moving boundary electrodynamics, damping effects and evolution of, 377–381 frequency parametric downconversion, nonlinear quantum optics, pulsed fields, 538–546 quantum interference, non-orthogonal dipole moments, anisotropic vacuum, 143–144 Secret sharing: quantum cryptography and, 567–568 quantum key distribution (QKD), 574 Secure message exchange, quantum cryptography and, 567–568, 574–576 Seeding techniques, molecular photonics, quantum electrodynamics (QED), sixwave mixing (SWM), second-harmonic generation (SHG), 660–672 Selective excitation, superposition states, twoatom systems, collective atomic states, 235–245 antisymmetric state preparation, 237–243 superposition of antisymmetric and ground states, 243–245 symmetric state, pulse laser preparation, 236–237 Self-phase modulation, cubic nonlinear effects, second-harmonic generation, research background, 577–578 Semiclassical analysis: maximum-likelihood estimates, vs.

Both of them are described by the same interaction Hamiltonian, so in a sense they are similar and one can say that they show different faces of the same process. However, they are also different, and the difference between them consists in the different initial conditions. This difference appears to be very important, at least at early stages of the evolution, and the properties of the fields produced in the two processes are quite different. With these two bestknown and practically very important examples of nonlinear optical processes, we would like to discuss several nonclassical effects and present the most common theoretical approaches used to describe quantum effects.

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