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Tur süpür- sweep, Kyr shipir-, OT *süp, Man sibki- examine] shüüs : juice [OM sighüsün, cp. Eve chuukse, Man shusu food, Chi chi juice] siyleh : cut, engrave [OM seyil-] sogoo : hind zool [OM sogu] sohor : blind [OM soqur, cp. Kyr sokur] solgoy : left [cp. Tur sol, Kyr sol and sologoy left-handed] solih : exchange [OM soli-] solongo : rainbow [OM solungga] solongo : skunk, weasel zool [OM solungga, cp. Man solohi marten, Eve sulaki fox] solongos : Kor [OM solungga, cp. Man solho] songino : onion [OM songgina, cp.

Kyr orun] oros : Russian [OM orus, cp. Kyr orus, OT *orus, Man oros, Rus Rus] oroy : top [OM oray < *por, cp. Man foron] oroy : late, evening [OM oray dusk] orshih : be [OM orusi- < oru-; see oroh] osgor : crack [OM osqur, cp. Man wasiha and oshoho claw, Eve osikta] osol : failure [OM osal defective, cp. Kyr osol] otgon : junior [OM odqan < *otgan < *ot; see och] otor : pasture [OM otar hunting ground] ovog : name ovoo : heap [OM obhugha] ovor : look [OM obhur, cp. Tuv ovur illustration] oy : talent [OM oy intellect, cp.

Tuv shil, Tib shel, Tur sis- blow up, OT *shish-] shil : ridge; nape [OM sili, cp. Tabgach *shilu (shih-lou) high (Doerfer 1992, 46)] shilbe : buttonhole [OM silbi] shilbe : shin, calf [OM silbi] shileh : choose [OM sili-, cp. Tur sina-, Eve sinma-] shilgeeh : shake [OM silge-, cp. Tur silk-, Kyr silk-, Eve silgin-] shilüüs : lynx zool [OM sileghüsün, cp. Kyr sülöösün, Man silun] shilzhih : move, pass over [OM sildi-] shim : sap [OM sime, cp. Man simen] shine : new [OM sine, cp. Chi hsin, Kit *shen (Chinggeltei 2002, 107), Kog *su (Itabashi 2003, 151), Pae *sa (Li 1977, 41)] shingeh : ooze in [OM singge-, cp.

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