By Michael Hauskeller

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This ebook examines the dependence of transhumanist arguments at the credibility of the narratives of which means within which they're embedded. via taking the major principles from transhumanist philosophy – the desirability of human self-design and immortality, the removing of all anguish and the growth of human autonomy – Michael Hauskeller explores those narratives and the certainty of human nature that informs them. specific cognizance is paid to the idea of transhumanism as a kind of utopia, tales of human nature, the expanding integration of the unconventional human enhancement venture into the cultural mainstream, and the force to improve from flesh to computing device.

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And once the dragon is dead, of course, the future is suddenly wide open for the creation of a “better world” (276). 26 Mythologies of Transhumanism Transhumanist descriptions of how our post-human future is going to be like are descriptions only on the surface. In fact, their purpose is very different from that of mere descriptions. Their aim is not to describe facts or to express a belief about the (future) state of the world. Instead, they belong to a class of speech acts that John Searle has described as being “not in the business of trying to tell us how things are in the world”, but rather of “trying to change the world to match the content of the speech act” (Searle 2010, 11).

1, dist. 10, q. 1, a5). Shakespeare’s Juliet may have been right about roses when she declared that they would smell just as sweet when called by a different name, but that which we call a human by any other name would normally not smell as sweet. I am not saying that this is necessarily so. I am happy to concede that the term “human” can perhaps be used in a purely descriptive way, but my point is that this is not the way it is normally used. When it comes to applying the term “human” to an entity, we have obvious difficulties in separating the descriptive from the prescriptive.

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