By G. Fricke, K. Heilig (auth.), H. Schopper (eds.)

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In 1967 Landolt-Börnstein released a compilation of nuclear cost radii (Volume 1/2). As a considerable development in comparison with the 1st e-book, the current quantity (I/20) includes updated high-accuracy and nearly model-independent nuclear cost radii. effects for all investigated isotopes of the weather (Z = zero as much as Z = ninety six) are given, together with the lengthy chains of radioactive isotopes measured by way of optical spectroscopy. those effects were enabled by way of a mixed research of 4 electromagnetic interactions, specifically optical isotope shifts, ok X-ray measurements, muonic atoms, and excessive strength elastic electron scattering, which permits an absolute calibration of the optical measurements.

All experimental info used are indexed within the tables, and the stairs of the research are defined in this kind of approach new mixed research may be played and the nuclear radii reevaluated, once new experimental information could develop into available.

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