By Shaun R. Gregory

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For greater than 40 years NATO premised its defence on credible nuclear deterrence. Underwriting this deterrence was once NATO's process and the nuclear guns and command and keep an eye on platforms meant to make the tactic an operational fact. This ebook examines NATO's makes an attempt among 1952 and 1990 to accomplish the political and armed forces keep an eye on of nuclear guns operations in a multinational organization. through the use of case-studies people, British, French and NATO nuclear guns operations and empirical proof from chilly warfare crises it presents an research of NATO's event and provides insights for the current day.

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This chapter provides an historical consideration of the development of nuclear sharing and the collective political control of the use of nuclear weapons in NATO. To do this the chapter is organised into four sections. R. Gregory, Nuclear Command and Control in NATO © Shaun R. Gregory 1996 16 Nuclear Command and Control in NA TO introduction of theatre nuclear weapons (TNF) 2 into Europe in 1952. The three remaining sections address three related but distinct facets of the political control of nuclear weapons in NATO.

Thirdly, by codifying US control the arrangements did little to discourage independent national nuclear efforts by the European allies. Finally, the meaning of 'control' itself was open to broader interpretation than that of simple custody and use implied by the bilateral agreements. In the debates that followed the 1957 stockpile communique the nature of 'control' over the use of nuclear weapons in NATO was explored more fully. Osgood, in his analysis of the debates about sharing control in NATO, described a number of components of control which included: .

83 The guidelines essentially addressed two types of questions. The first considered the political goals in any use of nuclear weapons, such as the avoidance of nuclear escalation, the cessation of hostilities, the withdrawal of Soviet forces, or the restoration of deterrence. The guidelines also addressed questions of the nature, timing and circumstances of nuclear use - taking into account different weapons types and different geographic locations for both initial and follow-on use - necessary to meet the desired political objectives.

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