By E. Arnold Hakkila (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0841204497

ISBN-13: 9780841204492

ISBN-10: 084120571X

ISBN-13: 9780841205710

content material: Safeguards wishes within the size quarter : the area of measurements / Glenn Hammond and Clemens Auerbach --
criteria for chemical or NDA measurements for nuclear safeguards : a evaluation / Carleton D. Bingham --
Nuclear safeguards and the NBS commonplace reference material's software / W.P. Reed and H.T. Yolken --
determination research for nuclear safeguards / James P. Shipley --
A nonlinear technique for together with the mass uncertainty of criteria and the procedure size error within the becoming of calibration curves --
W.L. Pickles, J.W. McClure, and R.H. Howell --
development within the verification of reprocessing enter research for nuclear fabric safeguards / L. Koch and E. Mainka --
Isotopic safeguards options / C.L. Timmerman --
Nuclear safeguards purposes of energy-dispersive absorption side densitometry / T.R. Canada, D.G. Langner, and J.W. Tape --
software of online alpha displays to strategy streams in a nuclear gasoline reprocessing plant / K.J. Hofstetter, G.M. Tucker, R.P. Kemmerlin, J.H. grey, and G.A. Huff --
Uranium and plutonium analyses with well-type Ge(Li) detectors / F.P. Brauer, W.A. Mitzlaff, and J.E. Fager --
a transportable calorimeter procedure for nondestructive assay of mixed-oxide fuels / C.T. Roche, R.B. Perry, R.N. Lewis, E.A. Jung, and J.R. Haumann --
functionality of an responsibility size procedure at an working gasoline reprocessing facility / M.A. Wade, F.W. Spraktes, R.L. Hand, Jon M. Baldwin, E.E. Filby, and L.C. Lewis.

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For nuclear m a t e r i a l s accounting, the observed source generates true ( e r r o r - f r e e ) data according to the switch p o s i t i o n , which i s determined by some unknown f a c t o r . The observed source i s the nuclear m a t e r i a l s processing l i n e , and the unknown f a c t o r could be a d i v e r t o r , f o r example. I f the d i v e r t o r i s not s t e a l i n g nuclear m a t e r i a l , the switch i i th position i f diver s i o n i s o c c u r r i n g , th part of the nuclear m a t e r i a l between the two s i t u a t i o n s ; the two choices are r e f e r r e d to as HQ, the n u l l hypothesis under which no d i v e r s i o n has occurred, and H]^, the a l t e r n a t i v e hypothesis that d i v e r s i o n has occurred.

ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1978. 993 946 947 948 g Uranium S o l u t i o n (U-235 SPIKE) ( J Plutonium S u l f a t e Tetrahydrate 176% to 92% Pu-239 3 (U 0 ) Plutonium Metal Plutonium S u l f a t e Tetrahydrate Plutonium Metal 949e 944 945 Uranium Oxide Uranium Oxide (t^Og) Uranium Metal Description 950b 960 Number U-0002 thru U-970 (18) SRM Uranium Content and I s o t o p i c Abundance I s o t o p i c Abundance I s o t o p i c Abundance I s o t o p i c Abundance Plutonium Content Plutonium Content Trace Elements Uranium Content Uranium Content Certification C u r r e n t l y A v a i l a b l e S p e c i a l Nuclear Standard Reference M a t e r i a l s Table I Isotopic 30 NUCLEAR SAFEGUARDS ANALYSIS s p e c i f i c a l l y oxide m a t e r i a l s as UO^ and PuO^ and mixed oxides, NDA standards f o r scrap and waste measurement and even ore and UF^ standards f o r the proc s i n g of nuclear m a t e r i a l .

The classical material balance associated with this system is drawn around the entire f a c i l i t y or a major portion of the process, and is formed by adding a l l measured receipts to the i n i t i a l measured inventory and subtracting a l l measured removals and the final measured inventory. During periods of routine production, control of materials is vested largely in administrative and process controls, augmented by secure storage for discrete items. Although conventional material-balance accounting is essent i a l to safeguards control of nuclear material, i t has inherent limitations in sensitivity and timeliness.

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