By William Shakespeare

ISBN-10: 0497902184

ISBN-13: 9780497902186

This variation is written in English. although, there's a operating Chinese-Traditional glossary on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are numerous versions of Pericles. This version will be beneficial if you happen to

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Starve: 饥饿, 饿死. thank: 感谢, 谢谢. thee: 你. tongue: 舌头, 舌. turn: 转动, 转弯. unless: 除非. veins: 纹理, 脉, 静脉. warm: 暖, 暖和, 温暖, 热烈, 温暖的. welcome: 欢迎, 受欢迎, 欢迎光临, 受欢迎的, 款待. whipping: 笞刑. wilt: 枯萎. William Shakespeare 31 SECOND FISHERMAN. O, not all, my friend, not all; for if all your beggars were whipped, I would wish no better office than to be beadle. ] PERICLES. ] How well this honest mirth becomes their 1abour! FIRST FISHERMAN. Hark you, sir, do you know where ye are? PERICLES. Not well. FIRST FISHERMAN.

William Shakespeare 27 SCENE I. PENTAPOLIS. ] PERICLES. Yet cease your ire, you angry stars of heaven! Wind, rain, and thunder, remember, earthly man Is but a substance that must yield to you; And I, as fits my nature, do obey you: Alas, the sea hath cast me on the rocks, Wash'd me from shore to shore, and left me breath Nothing to think on but ensuing death: Let it suffice the greatness of your powers To have bereft a prince of all his fortunes; And having thrown him from your watery grave, Here to have death in peace is all he'll crave.

Fire: 火, 射击, 失火, 火灾, 发射, 火力. gentle: 轻松, 文雅的, 斯文, 柔和. ho: 吓声. hold: 握住, 持有, 把握, 包容, 认为, 保持. leave: 别离, 动身, 离开, 起身. lord: 贵族, 洛德, 主人. meat: 肉. near: 近, 靠近, 接近, 比邻. poor: 差, 贫穷, 穷, 差劲, 贫瘠, 贫穷的, 贫苦, 困苦. presently: 目前, 随即. reach: 抵达, 到达, 抵, 到. stormy: 暴风雨的. turbulent: 不稳定气流, 汹涌. visit: 上门, 访问, 看望. ways: 方法. wind: 风, 弯曲, 上弦, 缠绕. William Shakespeare SERVANT. % CERIMON. Your master will be dead ere you return; There's nothing can be minister'd to nature That can recover him. ] Give this to the 'pothecary, And tell me how it works.

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