By J. Russell

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This important publication examines why states search to realize guns of Mass Destruction, a vital factor in constructing ideas opposed to proliferation. prime specialists research particular nations and the interaction between political, monetary, cultural and neighborhood elements riding judgements even if to obtain WMD.

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From the perspective of the Arab and Islamic worlds, the war in Iraq showed that the doctrine of preemption in dealing with emerging WMD is real and must be taken seriously. This American resolve may reinforce the perception in the region that the pursuit of WMD, combined with 42 A C harboring terrorism and opposition to the United States, may be a dangerous combination for any state. And yet different nations can infer different conclusions from this very lesson. Enter the nuclear cases of Libya and Iran.

51 Such attacks could easily incite internal disturbances, demonstrations and uprisings, and even terrorism. Information Warfare also permeates all other forms of strategic confrontation: political and economic warfare, diplomacy, armed struggle, and war. Yet, IW retains its essentially independent character and goal of demoralizing armed forces and populations, as well as paralyzing the other side’s will. 53 Russian analysts now include as IW those weapons and warfare targeted against the minds and bodies of enemy combatants and societies.

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