By O. P. Hansen, J. Heremans (auth.), J. T. Devreese, L. F. Lemmens, V. E. van Doren, J. van Royen (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1468439022

ISBN-13: 9781468439021

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ISBN-13: 9781468439045

These volumes comprise the invited and contributed talks of the 1st common convention of the Condensed subject department of the ecu actual Society, which happened on the campus of the collage of Antwerpen (Universitaire Instelling Antwerpen) from April nine until eventually eleven, 1980. The invited talks supply a extensive standpoint of the present kingdom in Europe of analysis in condensed topic physics. New advancements and advances in experiments in addition to concept are pronounced for 28 themes. a few of these advancements, equivalent to the new stabilization of mono-atomic hydrogen, with the demanding prospect of Bose condensation, might be regarded as significant holiday­ throughs in condensed subject physics. Of the sixty five invited academics, fifty four have submitted a manuscript. the rest talks are released as abstracts. The contents of this primary quantity involves nine plenary papers. one of the themes handled in those papers are: - digital constitution computations of iron the density sensible thought hydrogen in amorphous si topologically disordered fabrics nuclear antiferromagnetism stabilization of mono-atomic hydrogen fuel covalent and metal glasses nonlinear excitations in ferroelectrics.

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Recent Developments in Condensed Matter Physics: Volume 3 · Impurities, Excitons, Polarons, and Polaritons by O. P. Hansen, J. Heremans (auth.), J. T. Devreese, L. F. Lemmens, V. E. van Doren, J. van Royen (eds.)

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