By American Water Works Association

ISBN-10: 1583210261

ISBN-13: 9781583210260

This operations guide presents advice on selecting the right water-main rehabilitation options in your water distribution approach. step by step information, together with costing, is incorporated for the subsequent methods.

Cleaning: flushing, cable-attached units, pigs and different fluid-propelled cleansing units, and tool dull devices.

Lining: cement-mortar lining, epoxy lining, traditional slip-lining, close-fit slip-lining, and cured-in-place lining techniques.

Replacment: Trenchless pipe alternative utilizing pipe-bursting expertise

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102 mm to 457 mm). The process involves pushing a length of polyethylene pipe through a series of reduction rollers. In contrast to the static die systems and the other rollerbased systems, a large part of the reduction in diameter is retained for a period ranging from hours to days, depending on ambient temperature. Full reversion to final dimensions requires the application of a high internal water pressure for 12 to 24 hr. This time lag allows insertion of the reduced pipe into the host either directly, as with the other processes, or at a different time and location.

Verify pump output, mix ratio, and material temperatures. Record this and other pertinent site information on a lining operation record sheet. Complete a separate record sheet for each separate lining run. 4. Prior to inserting delivery hoses into the main, the operator should pump and recirculate the epoxy components until the material reaches the uniform operating temperature specified by the epoxy manufacturer. 5. Once the hoses are inserted into the pipe and the static mixer and application head are attached, check for proper operation.

In. in. (406 mm) (457 mm) (508 mm) (610 mm) (762 mm) (914 mm) (1,067 mm) (1,219 mm) Pneumatic Expander 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 psi psi psi psi psi psi psi psi (2,758 (2,758 (2,758 (2,758 (2,758 (2,758 (2,758 (2,758 kPa) kPa) kPa) kPa) kPa) kPa) kPa) kPa) Hydraulic Expander 2,700 2,700 2,700 2,700 3,800 3,800 3,800 4,000 psi psi psi psi psi psi psi psi (18,616 (18,616 (18,616 (18,616 (26,200 (26,200 (26,200 (27,579 kPa) kPa) kPa) kPa) kPa) kPa) kPa) kPa) Notes: 16 in. (406 mm) through 48 in.

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