By Jean-Paul Allouche, Jeffrey Shallit (auth.), C. Ding, T. Helleseth, H. Niederreiter (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1447105516

ISBN-13: 9781447105510

ISBN-10: 1852331968

ISBN-13: 9781852331962

This ebook comprises survey papers and examine papers by means of top specialists on sequences and their purposes. It discusses either the idea of sequences and their purposes in cryptography, coding concept, communications platforms, numerical computation and laptop simulation. Sequences have very important functions in ranging structures, unfold spectrum conversation structures, multi-terminal procedure id, code department multiply entry communications platforms, worldwide positioning structures, software program checking out, circuit checking out, laptop simulation, and circulate ciphers. The papers contained during this quantity assemble specialists from discrete arithmetic, machine technology and communications engineering, and support to bridge advances in those diversified components.

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Since at runs through when t = 0,1, ... ,pm - 2, it follows that 9u ,v(r) L = wTr",(cz-z d ) , C = F;... aT. zEF;", To evaluate the crosscorrelation function between any two m-sequences we have to evaluate this exponential sum for all c E Hence, the crosscorrelation function depends only on the decimation d that relates the two m-sequences. , F;.... Cd(r) = L p"'-2 ws(t+T)-s(dt). i=O From the properties of the trace function and the results in Trachtenberg [32] and Helleseth [13], we obtain the following: Lemma 3.

T=o An important problem in many applications is to find large families of sequences with good correlation properties. Let :F = {{Si(t)} 11 $ i $ M} be a family of M sequences over Fp each of period n. , n-l 9· 3·(r) = '"'

Let R~ be the set of units of Rn and let ~ be an element in Rn that is a root of n - 2 }. g(x). Then has multiplicative order 2n -1 in Rn. Let Tn = {O, 1,~, ... Any element Z E Rn can be expressed uniquely as z = A + 2B for A, B E Tn. Let J1. denote the modulo-2 reduction map. Clearly we may identify ~ (mod 2) with the primitive element 0: in the finite field Fq (cf. [19], [20]). 2 Transform over the Galois ring Let s(t) = 1 + r(t) be the complement of the sequence {r(t)} associated to the Segre hyperoval.

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Sequences and their Applications: Proceedings of SETA ’98 by Jean-Paul Allouche, Jeffrey Shallit (auth.), C. Ding, T. Helleseth, H. Niederreiter (eds.)

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