By A. Feigl, A. Bockholt, J. Weis, B. Rieger (auth.), Aziz M. Muzafarov (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3642160476

ISBN-13: 9783642160479

ISBN-10: 3642160484

ISBN-13: 9783642160486

Modern man made and alertness elements of Polysilanes: An Underestimated classification of Materials?, by way of A. Feigl, A. Bockholt, J. Weis, and B. Rieger;
Conjugated Organosilicon fabrics for natural Electronics and Photonics, through Sergei A. Ponomarenko and Stephan Kirchmeyer;
Polycarbosilanes in line with Silicon-Carbon Cyclic Monomers, by means of E.Sh. Finkelshtein, N.V. Ushakov, and M.L. Gringolts;
New man made options for established Silicones utilizing B(C6F5)3, via Michael A. Brook, John B. Grande, and François Ganachaud;
Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes with managed constitution: Formation and alertness in New Si-Based Polymer platforms, by way of Yusuke Kawakami, Yuriko Kakihana, Akio Miyazato, Seiji Tateyama, and Md. Asadul Hoque;

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With an increasing number of phenyl radicals the Stokes shift for phenylsilyl compounds significantly increases from 891 cm−1 for M3S-3AC to 1, 582 cm−1 for P3S-3AC, but slightly decreases for phenylsilylethynyl compounds from 208 cm−1 for TMS-3AC to 202 cm−1 for TPS-3AC. 155)1. Pentacene is a benchmark as semiconductor for thin-film OFETs, showing a mobility in the good quality devices up to 5 cm2 V−1 s−1 [33]. However, its drawbacks are insolubility and low oxidation and thermal stability, which may be improved by incorporation of appropriate organosilicon substituents.

1 cm2 V−1 s−1 for Et-6T-Et) [18] can be explained by a significant steric hindrance caused by bulky triisopropylsilyl groups. This is evidenced by unusual triclinic crystallization of these compounds, in which the conjugated backbone shows strong deviation from coplanarity [19]. Many examples reported in the literature evidence an improved solubility of organosilicon modified oligothiophenes when compared to their unmodified derivatives. It was found that α-trimethylsilyl substituents will increase the solubility of bi-, ter-, and quaterthiophenes.

Only the publications mentioned below cover the application of polysilanes in organic photovoltaics in more detail. Deviating from the principal of bulk heterojunction solar cells have been prepared using only polysilanes. However, polysilanes are preferentially employed as mixtures with other organic semiconductors and electron transporting materials such as fullerenes as photoactive layer [125, 126]. If polysilane–fullerene mixtures are used, higher efficiencies are observed than with pure polysilanes.

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Silicon Polymers by A. Feigl, A. Bockholt, J. Weis, B. Rieger (auth.), Aziz M. Muzafarov (eds.)

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