By Clark, Ashworth

ISBN-10: 017556454X

ISBN-13: 9780175564545

Словарь содержит более 1500 слов, красочные картинки. Эта книга поможет детям заложить основные понятия английского языка и развить навыки речи.

Книги по теме:
The Cat within the Hat newbie ebook Dictionary/Словарь англиского языка в картинках
Английский язык Н.Зайцева. Грамматика
Методика Зайцева: Английский язык. Техника чтения
Малый прыжок в английский за a hundred and fifteen минут

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Once more he strode onward with elastic tread. % It was now nearly day-break; but a number of wretched inebriates still pressed in and out of the flaunting entrance. With a half shriek of joy the old man forced a passage within, resumed at once his original bearing, and stalked backward and forward, without apparent object, among the throng. He had not been thus long occupied, however, before a rush to the doors gave token that the host was closing them for the night. It was something even more intense than despair that I then observed upon the countenance of the singular being whom I had watched so pertinaciously.

30 Collected Works of Poe, Volume V chandelier was removed. Its waxen drippings (which, in weather so warm, it was quite impossible to prevent) would have been seriously detrimental to the rich dresses of the guests, who, on account of the crowded state of the saloon, could not all be expected to keep from out its centre; that is to say, from under the chandelier. % The eight ourang-outangs, taking Hop-Frog’s advice, waited patiently until midnight (when the room was thoroughly filled with masqueraders) before making their appearance.

Page 228:] He is the man of the Thesaurus ceasing: (n) stopping, subsidence. desolation: (n) devastation, misery, destruction, depression, grief, wretchedness, bleakness, loneliness, waste, ruin; (adj, n) desertion. ANTONYMS: (n) ecstasy, joy, productiveness, fertileness, fecundity, cheer, fruitfulness, preservation, hopefulness, cheerfulness. fiend: (n) monster, devil, fanatic, brute, deuce, incubus, goblin, ogre, enthusiast, daemon, addict. stiffly, contumaciously, dourly. ANTONYM: (n) angel.

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