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We also relate the losses to the group velocity, and in contrast to previous findings we cannot verify a linear or quadratic dependence of the losses on the group index. In Chapter 3, we apply the gained knowledge about slow-light PC-WGs to develop three novel optical devices: A variable chromatic dispersion compensator, a variable optical delay line, and a fast electro-optic modulator. An exact chromatic dispersion compensation for optical links is important to reduce bit errors especially at high bit-rates, and affordable and small components are needed for the variable compensation of residual dispersion, e.

Band diagram of a slot PC-WG. The dominant electric field for the even and odd mode is shown as insets. 56 3 a, W2 = W3 = 21 3 a. 3 a. and chromatic dispersion characteristics of the odd mode show a similar behavior to the odd mode of the line-defect WG without slot, and the slot-WG geometry can be adjusted following the same principles than for the line-defect WG to exhibit broadband low group velocity or certain chromatic dispersion characteristics. Center-Hole Waveguide The third WG geometry we call the center-hole PC-WG.

We determine the disorder-induced losses of different broadband slow-light PC-WGs with numerical simulations, and develop procedures to minimize losses. We find that a vertically symmetric structure like an air-membrane structure is best suited for low-loss propagation, as a vertical asymmetry leads to TE-TM coupling. Increasing the WG core to a value as large as possible decreases losses, however a multi-moded behavior needs to be avoided. A lower cladding index and a larger slab thickness can increase the operation range below the light line.

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