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16] No effects of the garments or the exercise itself were evident on phosphomonoester, phosphocreatine/inorganic phosphate ratio or intracellular free magnesium. Use of myocellular proteins as markers of muscle damage and inflammation have yielded mixed results. Lower plasma concentrations of lactate dehydrogenase ([LDH]P)[78] and creatine kinase ([CK]P)[35,76-78] as well as transdermal [CK][74] have been reported with CG use in some situations. [37] Differences in the exercise used to induce muscle damage, and therefore the extent of myocellular release of specific proteins, may contribute to the inconsistency of findings.

Importantly, actual VO2 were Sports Med 2011; 41 (10) Compression Garments and Exercise . not reported, so influences of resting VO2 and fast components are unknown. 6) but no supporting statistical sig[44] nificance . 25, respectively). Mean VO2, power output (W), economy (W ? mL O-1 2 ), and work output (kJ) were similar for CGs . [44] Indeed, VO2 was similar for fixed running intensities and durations, irrespective of the pressures applied by knee-length GCSs (from low pressure of 4–4 mmHg to high pressure of 26–15 mmHg; ankle to calf),[14] or irrespective of whether CG coverage was absent, below the knee, ankle.

Effects on Cardiovascular Function A section on the effects of CGs on cardiovascular function is included because of relevance to both exercise and recovery. g. running, cycling). Thus, cardiovascular influences of CGs in exercise applications remain largely unclear. [14,30,33,35,36,38,39,44,49] No studies have been identified, which show that wearing CGs increases local or systemic blood flow (including venous return) during dynamic exercise at intensities reflecting training or competition. [22,23,50] Common foci include effects of CGs on haemodynamic function (particularly venous blood flow velocity), venous cross-sectional area and physical characteristics of the applied pressures.

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