By Michael Elliot Smith, Alan R. Carroll (eds.)

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This quantity provides a collection of unique stratigraphic and sedimentologic investigations of the Eocene eco-friendly River Formation of Wyoming, Colorado and Utah, one of many world’s most desirable terrestrial data of lacustrine and alluvial deposition in the course of the warmest section of the early Cenozoic. Its twelve chapters surround the wealthy and sundry list of lacustrine stratigraphy, sedimentology, geochronology, geochemistry and paleontology. Chapters 2-9 offer specific member-scale synthesis of eco-friendly River Formation strata in the better eco-friendly River, Fossil, Piceance Creek and Uinta Basins, whereas its ultimate chapters deal with its enigmatic evaporite deposits and ichnofossils at huge, interbasinal scale.

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Where duplicate samples were run, averages weighted according to standard deviation were used. 1). Microlaminated kerogen-rich mudstone Laminated, organic-rich mudstone is the dominant lithofacies of the Rife bed, though it is also found to a lesser extent in the Scheggs bed. The mudstone is generally dark-brown to black in color. Discrete, rhythmic, variegated laminations are μm to mm in scale, and planar parallel (Fig. 4a). Interlaminations (mm- to cm-scale) of tan siltstone, tuff, and chert are found infrequently within sections.

McGraw-Hill, New York City, 240 p Bohacs KM, Carroll AR, Neal JE, Mankiewicz PJ (2000) Lake-basin type, source potential, and hydrocarbon character: An integrated sequence-stratigraphicgeochemical framework. , pp 3–34 Bradley WH (1959) Revision of stratigraphic nomenclature of Green River Formation of Wyoming. Am Assoc Pet Geol Bull 43:1072–1075 Bradley WH (1964) The geology of the Green River Formation and associated Eocene rocks in southwestern Wyoming and adjacent parts of Colorado and Utah.

Likely during the inception of subsidence and the formation of Lake Gosiute there were many of these embryonic lakes in the southern portion of the Greater Green River Basin which later expanded and coalesced as subsidence deepened the Uinta trough (Fig. 8). Basin-scale stratigraphic stacking patterns observed in the Luman cross-section support this interpretation (Fig. 7). The cross-section reveals that in the lower half of the Fig. 8 Box model interpretive diagrams illustrating paleogeography and sedimentary facies during deposition of (a) lower Luman Member, and (b) upper Luman Member 2 Initiation of Eocene Lacustrine Sedimentation in the Greater Green River Basin… Luman Member paludal facies dominate the depositional style of the basin with small, isolated ponds and lakes fed by axially draining feeder streams punctuating the vertical section.

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Stratigraphy and Paleolimnology of the Green River Formation, Western USA by Michael Elliot Smith, Alan R. Carroll (eds.)

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