By H. Schopper (eds.)

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The current quantity I/25H is supplying new information (excitation energies, spin-parities, half-lifes, branching ratios, cross-sections, spectroscopic elements, etc.) for nuclei with atomic numbers Z starting from fifty four (Xe) to one zero five (Db) released in 2013-2014, hence updating earlier compilations supplied within the Landolt-Börnstein volumes I/25A-F.

The information awarded are accrued from every kind of nuclear reactions, together with information for nuclei faraway from the steadiness line. because the time of number of facts for the volumes I/25A-F many new info seemed from new measurements and evaluations.

The homes of excited nuclear states are of value for clinical and useful purposes. No systematic compilation of such info has been played to this point. the current compilation has been ready by means of eminent specialists within the box. one of many features of Landolt-Börnstein is that info are evaluated prior to they're approved for compilation. the assumption is to offer ‘best values’ which might be used with self assurance via non-experts.

In view of the massive quantity of knowledge on hand a number of the details is given merely at the on-line platform SpringerMaterials.

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E-387 E-387 E-387 E-387, F-505, H-367 E-388, H-367 E-388 E-388, H-367 E-389 E-389, H-368 E-390, H-368 E-390, H-368 E-391, H-369 E-392, H-369 E-393, H-369 E-394, H-370 E-394, H-370 E-395, H-370 E-396, H-370 E-397, H-371 E-398, H-371 E-399, H-371 E-399, H-373 E-400, F-505, H-375 E-401, F-506 E-401, F-507 E-402, F-507 E-403, H-376 E-403, H-376 E-403, H-376 E-403 85-Astatine At-191 .

D-488 D-488, H-235 D-491 D-494, H-235 D-497 D-499, H-236 D-501 D-502, H-236 D-504 D-505, H-236 D-507, H-237 D-510, H-237 D-512, H-237 D-513, H-243 D-516, H-244 D-519, H-244 D-520 D-520 H-244 D-520 H-244 74-Tungsten W-157 . W-158 . W-159 . W-160 . W-162 . W-163 . W-164 . W-165 . W-166 . W-167 . W-168 . W-169 . W-170 . W-171 . W-172 . W-173 . W-174 . W-175 . W-176 . W-177 . W-178 . W-179 . W-180 . W-181 . W-182 . W-183 . W-184 .

Db-263 . . . H-469 H-469 H-469 H-469 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Excited nuclear states 1 Introduction General remarks This volume LB I/25H is the last updating of the series of seven reports, LB I/25ABCDEFG, on properties of the excited states of all nuclei. It contains data on the excited states of nuclei with Z=54-105 derived from all nuclear reactions, including data for nuclei situated far from the line of stability. Earlier the data on parameters of nuclear bound states excited in the reactions with charged particles were presented in subvolumes LB I/19BC and I/18ABC.

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