By Marcel Proust

ISBN-10: 0497258080

ISBN-13: 9780497258085

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This variation is written in English. despite the fact that, there's a working German word list on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are lots of versions of Swann's approach. This version will be helpful for those who may lik

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Stratagem: List. toothache: Zahnschmerzen, Zahnweh, Zahnschmerz. 30 Swann's Way my%aunt's cook who used to be put in charge of me when I was at Combray, might refuse to take my note. I had a suspicion that, in her eyes, to carry a message to my mother when there was a stranger in the room would appear flatly inconceivable, just as it would be for the door-keeper of a theatre to hand a letter to an actor upon the stage. " This code, if one could judge it by the sudden obstinacy which she would put into her refusal to carry out certain of our instructions, seemed to have foreseen such social complications and refinements of fashion as nothing in Françoise's surroundings or in her career as a servant in a village household could have put into her head; and we were obliged to assume that there was latent in her some past existence in the ancient history of France, noble and little understood, just as there is in those manufacturing towns where old mansions still testify to their former courtly days, and chemical workers toil among delicately sculptured scenes of the Miracle of Theophilus or the Quatre Fils Aymon.

Swann had given me, telling Sarah that she must tear herself away from Isaac. Many years have passed since that night. The wall of the staircase, up which I had watched the light of his candle German annoyance: Verdruss, Belästigung, Ärger, Weh, Harm, Gram, Betrübnis. anyhow: irgendwie, sowieso, trotzdem, auf irgendeine Weise, immerhin. cashmere: Kaschmir. charters: chartert, Gründungsurkunden. confronting: Konfrontierend. consecrated: segnete. crowned: krönte. deprive: berauben, beraubt, beraubst, beraube, entwenden, fortnehmen, entnehmen, wegnehmen, rauben, stehlen, abnehmen.

Uttered: geäußert. yielding: weichend, einbringend, nachgiebig. % "I fancy he has a lot of trouble with that wretched wife of his, who 'lives' with a certain Monsieur de Charlus, as all Combray knows. " My mother observed that, in spite of this, he had looked much less unhappy of late. "And he doesn't nearly so often do that trick of his, so like his father, of wiping his eyes and passing his hand across his forehead. " "Why, of course he doesn't," answered my grandfather. "He wrote me a letter about it, ages ago, to which I took care to pay no attention, but it left no doubt as to his feelings, let alone his love for his wife.

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