By Dave Hartnett CB (auth.), Professor Dr. Wolfgang Schön (eds.)

ISBN-10: 0387307699

ISBN-13: 9780387307695

The interplay of tax and company governance varieties an rising factor either in company and administrative perform and in educational study. overseas agencies (OECD, EC) have began to discover the results company governance principles exert at the tax coverage of enormous company; governments attempt to hire company and securities legislations as a method to additional their economic curiosity. educational learn indicates that recognized principal-agent and capital industry difficulties are strongly encouraged by means of tax issues. in contrast history, this quantity is the 1st to provide a fully-fledged assessment of the interdependence of tax and company governance. not just the elemental political, criminal and monetary questions but additionally significant themes like source of revenue size, shareholding buildings, company social accountability and tax safeguard disclosure are coated generally through prime authors.

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