By Yotaro Hatamura, Seiji Abe, Masao Fuchigami, Naoto Kasahara, Kenji Iino

ISBN-10: 0081001185

ISBN-13: 9780081001189

In March 2011 the Fukushima nuclear strength plant (NPP) in Japan used to be hit by way of an earthquake and next tsunami which led to the discharge of important quantities of radioactive fabric. The incident resulted in the suspension of nuclear programmes by way of a couple of international locations. This ebook presents a definitive account of the accident.

  • Outlines the most series of occasions of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear energy plant twist of fate, considers the responses of valuable and native executive, and evaluates the reaction of the plant proprietor TEPCO.
  • Describes and assesses the effectiveness of the evacuation approach and next decontamination of the positioning and native area.
  • Offers techniques for making improvements to the secure layout and operation of nuclear strength vegetation and considers the way forward for the Fukushima plant and nuclear strength new release in Japan.

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7 Breaker that fell in the switchyard (for Units 1 and 2, Okuma line 1L). 8 Emergency D/G. Output is about 8100 kVA (Units 2-4), and size is about that of a 50,000 ton class tanker. March 11, about 14:50: Unit 2 RCIC started manually With the SCRAM, the feedwater pump for Unit 2 stopped, and following the manual, the operator manually started the RCIC with remote operation (turning the switch in the central control room). The RCIC, however, after about a minute of running, automatically stopped because it detected a high water level in the nuclear reactor.

The reevaluation should look at severe accidents caused by external events like earthquakes and also tsunami attacks, mudslides, airplane crashes, and terrorism attacks with discussion on the overall response of the plant. 1 The condition of Unit 1 after SBO March 11, up to 23:50 when abnormal CV pressure was recognized March 11, about 15:37: IC isolation valves closed with fail-safe function Unit 1 lost all its electrical power including DC. The central control room was pitch dark, and the loss of DC power stopped displays of all instruments.

Remarks 2 The number of available fire engines gradually increased; the one near Units 5 and 6 arrived before dawn on March 12th, and three arrived from off-site during the morning on the same day. March 11, 17:30: doubts about the operation of IC Some operators on duty in the central control room had doubts about the operation of IC. In preparation for alternative water injection, the operator checked the D/DFP start-up and put it on standby. Later, at 20:50, he started the D/DFP engine to prepare for the change of situation.

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