By Michael J. Benton, Mikhail A. Shishkin, David M. Unwin, Evgenii N. Kurochkin

ISBN-10: 0521554764

ISBN-13: 9780521554763

The previous Soviet Union covers an unlimited region of land, and over the past two hundred years, many dozens of outstanding dinosaurs and different fossil amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals were present in Mesozoic rocks in its territories. The Permo-Triassic of the Ural Mountains of Russia have produced countless numbers of great specimens, and plenty of of the dinosaurs from Mongolia are specific. this is often the 1st compilation in any Western language of this massive physique of Russian study and the 1st time loads of this examine, formerly unexplored by way of the West, has been brought in English. The Age of Dinosaurs in Russia and Mongolia is written through a distinct mixture of Russian and Western palaeontologists, and gives an entrée to more than a few fossil faunas, particularly reptiles, which have been little recognized outdoors Russia. it is going to absolutely turn into an immense reference paintings for all vertebrate palaeontologists.

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They are characterised by an abnormal concentration of bone fragments or broken shell and by a high level of organic matter or phosphates. 40 Evidence of Biological Activity The coprolites of certain fish have a twisted shape which has been imposed on them by the spiral valvule of the intestine. Larger-sized examples have been attributed to the reptiles (Fig. 34). Hyena excrement lends itself particularly well to fossilisation because it is rich in calcium derived from bones ground up by these animals.

This environment is common at the bottom of the Black Sea, where the fauna is completely absent. V. Bathymetry The depth at which aquatic organisms can live is controlled by many factors, especially light and temperature which decrease rapidly as one goes down from the surface waters (Fig. 21). Chlorophyll-bearing plants and herbivorous animals are restricted to the photic zone (200 m). Below that, one finds carnivores, suspension feeders and detritus feeders. These animals are often blind (for example: deep water ostracodes).

Thus the information which they can give about the vegetation of ancient environments must be used carefully. 2. Eggs and Clutches When the eggs of oviparous organisms are protected against impact and desiccation by a resistant envelope, they have fossilisation potential. 36 Evidence of Biological Activity a) Invertebrate Eggs and Clutches F or over 100 years, small spherical objects, rich in phosphates and organic matter, which are abundant in Palaeozoic rocks, have been identified as trilobite eggs.

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