By Kenneth D. Rose

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In the culture of G. G. Simpson's vintage paintings, Kenneth D. Rose's The starting of the Age of Mammals analyzes the occasions that happened without delay earlier than and after the mysterious K-T boundary which so fast thrust mammals from obscurity to planetary dominance.

Rose surveys the evolution of mammals, starting with their beginning from cynodont therapsids within the Mesozoic, modern with dinosaurs, throughout the early Cenozoic, with emphasis at the Paleocene and Eocene adaptive radiations of therian mammals. concentrating on the fossil checklist, he provides the anatomical facts used to interpret habit and phylogenetic relationships. The life's paintings of 1 of the main an expert researchers within the box, this richly illustrated, magisterial booklet combines sound clinical ideas and meticulous learn and belongs at the shelf of each paleontologist and mammalogist.

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Although estimates based on these different methods do not always agree, the overall pattern is consistent. , 2003). , 2003, rather than the 10° C increment reported by Wolfe, 1990). Nevertheless, these early Paleocene floras contain palms. Somewhat later in the early Paleocene (about early Torrejonian) temperatures rose again, and tropical rainforest was present in Colorado ( Johnson and Ellis, 2002). , 1999). For comparison, present-day MAT in Wyoming is about 6° C, with a much greater annual range than during the Early Cenozoic.

Whether this enigmatic fauna proves to be older or younger than Tiupampan, the available fossils are an inadequate basis for establishing a land-mammal age. Recently there has been even greater change in the concepts of the Eocene SALMAs. , 1999). This finding would indicate that the Casamayoran extended much later in time than previously thought and that the Mustersan SALMA is latest Eocene. It also raises the possibility that Riochican could be Eocene, and that there might be an even longer gap in the South American Eocene record than has been acknowledged.

The revised age estimates for the Casamayoran compress the Mustersan and Divisaderan into a short interval at the end of the Eocene. The relative age and even the validity of the Divisaderan are especially tenuous. , 1999). The younger age was upheld by Flynn et al. 5 million years ago (latest Eocene). Radiometric dates also show that the Deseadan is much younger than long believed, shifting it to late Oligocene (Flynn and Swisher, 1995). 7 follows Flynn et al. (2003) for the Eocene SALMAs. Note, however, that most of these revisions are so recent that they were not known at the time of McKenna and Bell’s (1997) compilation, and obviously were unknown to Simpson and other earlier workers.

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