By Stephen Eric Bronner

ISBN-10: 0300162510

ISBN-13: 9780300162516

Stephen Eric Bronner is a prolific writer, activist, and certainly one of America’s best political thinkers. His new ebook provides bigotry as a scientific, all-encompassing approach that has a distinct affinity for right-wing pursuits. In what is going to without doubt turn out a seminal research, Bronner explores its allure, the self-image it justifies, the pursuits it serves, and its advanced reference to modernity. He unearths how prejudice shapes the conspiratorial and paranoid worldview of the real believer, the elitist, and the chauvinist. within the procedure, it turns into obvious how the bigot hides in the back of mainstream conservative labels with a purpose to help regulations designed to drawback the objectives of his contempt. interpreting bigotry in its numerous dimensions—anthropological, historic, mental, sociological, and political—Professor Bronner illustrates how the bigot’s severe hatred of “the different” is an immediate response to social development, liberal values, secularism, and an more and more advanced and numerous international. A sobering examine the bigot within the twenty-first century, this quantity is key for making feel of the risks dealing with democracy now and within the future.

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Even after the groups momentarily unify against an egregious expression of police brutality, each is still ultimately thrown back into the same perspective forged by his own group, and life simply goes on. No one needs existential self-validation more than the bigot’s victim, and this subaltern can also puff himself up. He too can despise the unnatural outsider, the lazy immigrant, the conniving Jew, or the cosmopolitan intellectual. He can support cultural imperialism, terror, ethnic cleansing, and genocide or all of them together.

Yet the bigot does not exactly 34 Modernity lie: something other than simple falsehood is at work. Lies are subject to falsification, but the bigot’s existential selfdefinition is not. This is the underpinning for the language that he employs to make sense of reality. It short-circuits contradiction. The notion of “deracination,” for example, has a self-evident moral connotation for the bigot. But it assumes a notion of race that is elastic in that it can apply to a species, a group with common physical attributes, a nation or ethnicity, or individuals supposedly defined by genetic or genealogical traits.

Caught between fear of capitalists and contempt for workers, admiration for competition and principled dislike of socialism, the bigot vacillates. He imagines how family, neighborhood, and religious ties, in ostracizing the subaltern, have provided the infrastructure of a productive 17 Modernity small-town community. ” The bigot is both amazed and repelled by the cultural and material revolutions that have broken down “Chinese walls of tradition” so that “all that is solid melts into air. ”7 The logic of capitalist accumulation baffles the bigot.

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