By Eric Temple Bell

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It is a accomplished advent to Landau Lifshitz equations and Landau Lifshitz Maxwell equations, starting with the paintings by means of Yulin Zhou and Boling Guo within the early Eighties and together with many of the paintings performed by means of this chinese language workforce led via Zhou and Guo on the grounds that. The publication specializes in elements resembling the life of susceptible suggestions in multi dimensions, lifestyles and strong point of tender suggestions in a single measurement, kinfolk with harmonic map warmth flows, partial regularity and very long time behaviors.

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Earlier, Kanai [a] had considered a simple form of the time-dependent linear oscillator. Though this model was criticized by Brittin [6] and Senitzky [7] for various reasons, Landovitz et al, ignoring the criticism, proceeded to calculate the Green’s function [8] for the general form of Kanai’s model and used it to calculate the corresponding transition amplitudes [9]. Their calculations are very difficult to comprehend. Recently we used standard operators to calculate the transition amplitudes for the general time-dependent linear harmonic oscillator in a transparent manner [lo].

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