By Deborah Reeder, Sheri Miller, DeeAnn Wilfong, Midge Leitch, Dana Zimmel

ISBN-10: 0470690542

ISBN-13: 9780470690543

ISBN-10: 0632057270

ISBN-13: 9780632057276

Recommended through the British Equine Veterinary organization, this booklet goals to hide the syllabus for the hot RCVS equine veterinary nursing certificates. It covers topics resembling clinical and surgical equine nursing, easy equine administration and the speculation underpinning those themes. additionally it is chapters on meals, imaging and anatomy and body structure no longer formerly good lined for the equine at a degree acceptable for nurses. The process is useful and the e-book is specified by a easy demeanour with copious illustrations.

Chapter 1 simple administration (pages 1–24): L. C. Marlborough and D. C. Knottenbelt
Chapter 2 Anatomy and body structure (pages 25–73): P. D. Clegg, C. L. Blake, R. C. Conwell, E. Hainisch, A. Newton, E. M. put up, M. J. Senior, S. L. Taylor and A. J. Wise
Chapter three Genetics (pages 74–80): G. A. Munroe
Chapter four replica (pages 81–100): J. F. Pycock
Chapter five meals (pages 101–125): P. A. Harris
Chapter 6 scientific nutrients (pages 126–139): P. A. Harris and J. M. Naylor
Chapter 7 simple First reduction (pages 140–161): N. E. Haizelden and H. J. Hangartner
Chapter eight basic Nursing (pages 162–174): R. J. Baxter
Chapter nine security administration within the perform (pages 103–184): A. Jones and E. R. J. Cauvin
Chapter 10 easy clinic perform (pages 185–195): J. Masters
Chapter eleven drugs and Their administration (pages 196–204): R. J. Baxter and R. D. Jones
Chapter 12 Laboratory prognosis (pages 205–227): L. L. Hillyer and M. H. Hillyer
Chapter thirteen Fluid treatment (pages 228–248): J. C. Boswell and M. C. Schramme
Chapter 14 clinical Nursing (pages 249–283): J. D. Slater
Chapter 15 Foal Nursing (pages 284–297): S. J. Stoneham
Chapter sixteen Lameness and Orthopaedic Nursing (pages 298–322): E. Jones and T. J. Phillips
Chapter 17 Diagnostic Imaging (pages 323–361): E. R. J. Cauvin
Chapter 18 common Surgical Nursing (pages 362–381): D. Lloyd and B. M. Millar
Chapter 19 Theatre perform (pages 382–413): D. P. McHugh
Chapter 20 Anaesthesia (pages 414–437): J. C. Murrell and C. B. Johnson

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The nucleus consists of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), which contains the genetic code. The nucleus is surrounded by cytoplasm. The cytoplasm contains organelles with specific roles, such as ribosomes for protein synthesis and mitochondria for energy production. The whole cell is enclosed by a cell membrane that controls what substances enter or leave the cell. Cell types include: • Connective tissue cells, which bind other cells together. • Muscle cells (see below). • Cartilage cells, found where strength and flexibility are needed.

10). Laryngeal functions include: rostral and caudal maxillary sinuses line of nasolacrimal duct – from medial canthus of eye to naso-incisive notch stylohyoid bone left guttural pouch • Protecting the airway during swallowing, so that ingesta do not enter the trachea. • Controlling the flow of air into the trachea during exercise. • Producing vocal sounds. Fig. 8 Lateral view of the equine head, showing position of guttural pouch and maxillary sinuses. nasopharynx larynx soft palate oropharynx oesophagus lateral food channels trachea 32 Fig.

The exact extent of the maxillary sinuses varies depending on the individual horse and the age of the animal. The embedded roots of the four caudal cheek teeth (premolar 4 and molars 1, 2 and 3) extend into and form the floor of these sinuses. Pharynx Nasal cavity The nasal cavities are narrow air-filled spaces that extend caudally from the nostrils to the front of the cranial cavity, divided in the midline by the nasal septum. 30 The pharynx is the portion of the upper airway that begins behind the nasal septum and ends rostral to the larynx.

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