By William H. Davis (auth.)

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This booklet is the results of a discontent on my half with (r) the tremendous­ ficial and offhand means many determinists set forth their arguments, with out the slightest trace of the problems which were raised opposed to these arguments, and (2) the truth that the executive and top argu­ ments of the libertarians are scattered allover the literature and are seldom if ever introduced jointly in a single package deal. should be taken as an attempt to assemble into one position generally this paintings and to precise as cogently as attainable the arguments for freewill. as far as i do know all the arguments we deal with were made prior to. in basic terms towards the tip of this paintings do i try to tricky some extent now not heretofore emphasised. that time is that freedom of the need is an idea in detail entangled with the human strength to cause, in order that if the sort of powers is going, the opposite also needs to move. additionally, either the desire and the explanation are in detail tied up with our ethical sensitivities, in order that nobody of those phenomena is intelligible with out the others. tricks of those principles abound, after all, within the literature, and the measure of originality claimed is minimum. The interconnections, even if, among those 3 simple options of the desire, the explanation, and the nice, are of such nice significance and are so often overlooked that i think our brief assertion of the location warrants the reader's sympathetic attention.

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But of course a man can anticipate a host of other troubles and pains. But again it is not merely all of these things which lie at the root of man's anxiety - as if these weren't enough. It is the infinite sea of possibility which a man faces every morning which causes his anxiety. Even the man with an habitual way of life that hasn't varied in years, even he vaguely senses his own freedom to turn in an infinitude of directions, to behave irrationally, to kill himself, to turn to God, to pursue a secret ambition, to do anything.

That "something" leaves him a good deal of latitude. In conclusion, let us be explicit as to exactly what it is we object to in determinism. Do we reject determinism because the "cause-effect" notion which it involves is unproved, obscure, or metaphysical? No, we do not object to it on those grounds. We accept the reality of causal relations. ) Do we reject de- 26 IS THE PHYSICAL WORLD REALLY MECHANICAL? terminism because although the world has been determined in the past, we have no way of knowing that it will be so determined in the future?

Whatever he mainly pursues becomes for him his god. But the true answer to man's anxiety lies only in the true God, the God of love and forgiveness. All other gods are idols, and will not satisfy. Only the man who turns his life over to the true God has found the satisfactory answer to the tension which is life. Religion, when truly applied, works. That is the only test of its truth. We have the testimony of countless thousands of people who pursued false gods that these gods do not satisfy; only when they turned to God did peace and joy and meaning and power fill their lives.

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