By Melvyn C. Goldstein, T.N. Shelling, J.T. Surkhang, Pierre Robillard

ISBN-10: 0520204379

ISBN-13: 9780520204379

The recent Tibetan-English Dictionary of recent Tibetan surpasses latest dictionaries in either scope and comprehensiveness. Containing greater than 80,000 lexical goods utilized in political, social, monetary, literary, and clinical discourse, this important sourcebook comprises the tens of millions of recent phrases which were coined or that experience come into use on the grounds that Tibet was once integrated into the People‘s Republic of China in 1951.

The dictionary lists lexical goods attribute of the particular written style that was once utilized by Tibetan executive officers as much as 1959 in addition to new terminology utilized in the Tibetan exile groups in South Asia. It includes either the middle lexical terminology utilized in way of life and traditional glossy writing and plenty of proverbs and sayings that seem often in modern literary fabrics. The entries offer spoken pronunciation and hundreds of thousands of illustrative sentences.

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In other versions Odysseus killed Ajax or Paris killed him with an arrow or the Trojans captured him and buried him alive. Ajax the Less. ‘earthman’] son of Oileus brother of Medon At the fall of Troy he raped Cassandra who had taken refuge in the temple of Athena. For this sacrilege the gods caused a storm to disperse the homeward-bound Greek fleet and he was drowned. Others say he was killed by a thunderbolt hurled by Poseidon when Ajax boasted that he would escape the sea despite the gods. Ajax3 Greek a play by Sophocles Ajax Oileus (see Ajax2) Ajax Telamonius (see Ajax1) Ajax the Greater (see Ajax1) Ajax the Less (see Ajax2) Ajaya Buddhist [‘invincible’] a minor goddess Aje1 African [=Roman Moneta] a Yoruba goddess of wealth She is said to appear in the form of a hen.

Kshathra. Varuna] god of light and creator-god the Zoroastrian good principle father of Atar, Dena, Haoma, Mithra and Zoroaster In some accounts he and Ahriman are the twin sons of Zurvan. He created a bull which, when it escaped from its cave, was found and killed by Mithras, the blood spots forming living beings where they touched the earth. He sent his son Atar to chain the dragon Azhi Dahaka to a mountain to stop his persecution of mankind. He is depicted as a venerable, bearded figure, usually inside a circle, holding a ring and with one hand held up in blessing.

Aja Ekpada Hindu a god of lightning Hindu Ajagava the bow of Shiva Aja’ib al-Makhluqat Persian [Wonders of Creation] the story of the various wonders of the world then existing Ajala African in the lore of the Yoruba, a man who works in heaven making faces from clay Ajalamo African a Yoruba god of unborn children Ajalpal Thai [Ajalpala] a king son of Anomatan and Manikesara father of Dasha-ratha (see also Aja2) Ajalpala (see Ajapal) Ajamila Hindu a Brahmin father of Narayama Ajarijoan Among the many sins he committed was that of living with a woman of the shudra caste.

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The New Tibetan-English Dictionary of Modern Tibetan by Melvyn C. Goldstein, T.N. Shelling, J.T. Surkhang, Pierre Robillard

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