By Geoffrey Parrinder

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How does the universe come to exist?What is the character of its creator?Is there a objective to human existence?What is it to dwell a great life?The Routledge Dictionary of spiritual and religious Quotations bargains now not justone resolution to those questions, yet many.The primary questions touching on God and guy are as outdated as humanity,finding new expressions and solutions in each society and age. The revealedworld of Jehovah, Allah and Krishna, of Christ, Mohammad and the Buddha andthe idea of non secular and mystic event have produced the world’srichest and so much large literature. during this choice of over 3000 quotationsyou will observe the variety of that literature and the fertility of religiousthought, adventure and perform all through background. Geoffrey Parrinder hasdrawn on all of the nice books of the world’s religions—the Bible, Qur’an,Zoroastrian Gathas, Hindu Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, Jewish Mishnah, Sikh AdiGranth and chinese language Tao Te Ching. learn the phrases of prophets, students andmystics at the nature of the divine, the ethics of human behavior and the puzzlesof mortality, resurrection and lifestyles after loss of life. right here too are the options of thereligious and irreligious on concerns religious and ethical, from Plato on sexuality,Freud at the origins of faith, and William Blake on angels to Omar Khayyamon destiny, Confucius on poverty and Gandhi on violence.

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Clement’s view is clearly monotheistic, as it unites the opposites in one God. Later Christianity, however, is dualistic, inasmuch as it splits off one half of the opposites, personified in Satan, and he is eternal in his state of damnation. Jung, Psychology and Religion (1958) 12 Thou shalt have one God only; who Would be at the expense of two? Arthur Hugh Clough, The Latest Decalogue (1862) 8 PANTHEISM—MONISM See also 29. Zaehner, Mysticism Sacred and Profane (1957) 2 Those experiences which are usually termed pantheistic, the experience which tells you that you are all and that all is you… It would be far more accurate to describe this experience as ‘pan-en-hen-ism’, ‘all-in-one-ism’, for that is what in fact the experience tells us.

Not a bit of it. Why should they do any honest work? Gilbert Murray, Five Stages of Greek Religion (1925) 9 He says that Socrates is an evildoer who corrupts the youth, and who does not believe in the gods whom the city believes in. Plato, Apology, 24b. 10 The gods ought to have made all men good, if they were truly concerned about the welfare of the human race, or at least they ought to have taken care of the good. Cicero, The Nature of the Gods, 3, 79 (1st century BCE) 11 To those who ask you, Where have you seen the gods, or how do you who are so devout know for sure that the gods exist?

Acts, 19, 27 3 Have ye considered Al-Lat, and Al-Uzza, and the third, Manat, the other goddess? Have ye male issue and he female? In that case it is an unfair division. They are nothing but names which you and your fathers have used. Koran, 53, 19–23 4 When on high the heaven had not been named, firm ground below had not been called by name, naught but primordial waters, their begetter, and Mother Tiamat, she who bore them all. Enuma Elish, When on high, 1 (12–10th centuries BCE) 5 O mother earth, kindly set me down upon a well-founded place!

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