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Outburst: (n) explosion, spurt, eruption, fit, burst, flash, effusion, gush, ebullition, blast, rage. peep: (n, v) glance, peek, look, gaze, glint, squeal; (n) glimpse, cheep; (v) ANTONYMS: (v) attract, accept, chirp, peer, pry. ANTONYMS: (v) delight, yield, please; (n, v) welcome. stare, gaze; (n) examination. resplendent: (adj, n) bright, lucid; (adj) pique: (v) nettle, insult, outrage, radiant, luminous, illustrious, irritate, fret; (n) grudge, annoyance, splendid, flamboyant, glorious, umbrage, irritation; (n, v) anger, magnificent, gorgeous, effulgent.

Cried Mr. Bunting, fiercely, and then stooped amazed. Apparently the room was perfectly empty. Yet their conviction that they had, that very moment, heard somebody moving in the room had amounted to a certainty. For half a minute, perhaps, they stood gaping, then Mrs. Bunting went across the room and looked behind the screen, while Mr. Bunting, by a kindred impulse, peered under the desk. Then Mrs. Bunting turned back the window-curtains, and Mr. Bunting looked up the chimney and probed it with the poker.

Headless: (adj) acephalous, brainless, beheaded, foolish. hobbledehoy: (n) lad, boy, youngster, younker, callant, whipster, whippersnapper, youngun, stripling, whiffet, schoolboy. incoherent: (adj) disjointed, disconnected, delirious, rambling, confused, disordered, incompatible, wandering, muddled, inconsistent, contradictory. ANTONYMS: (adj) clear, articulate, eloquent, intelligible, lucid, sound, concise, consistent. open-mouthed: (adj) spellbound. scars: (n) seams. shouts: (n) cries. silenced: (adj) mute, muffled, disabled.

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