By Burrows

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Offers with time and with tune, and the hyperlink among the 2. This examine means that tune is a modeling of how we build time.

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Past and future provide coordinates for a kind of semi-stable location for the present. In the interests of stability, each present needs to be felt as the outcome of a particular past; it needs at the same time to be felt as the starting point of a more or less clearly defined future. Each moment needs to reverberate with many other moments—somehow its other moments. The richer and more extended the present of an organism’s past, the richer its options for constructing the present of the future, and consequently the more complexly defined the now at the center of the scheme and the more charged and momentous its quality.

Without the need to regulate a far-from-equilibrium system it seems there would be no need for a now, understood as an act meant to affect the organism’s stability, ultimately its long-term survival and well-being. At equilibrium the now-effect extends over the life of the entity. Nows are disequilibrium-driven. With the help of Aristotle I suggested further that the now is defined in human consciousness by difference. The content of any conscious now ii. from now to time  stands out in awareness by virtue of its difference from the freshest content in memory, what we call the immediate past.

1). In fact, the writer from whom James borrowed the concept, E. R. Clay, drew on music in explaining it: All the notes of a bar of a song seem to the listener to be contained in the present. All the changes of place of a meteor seem to the beholder to be contained in the present. At the instant of the termination of such a series, no part of the time measured by them seems to be a past. [10] Perception drags at happening and collects it in packets that can be as small as the downward limit of perceptibility, or as large as the capacity for sustaining the sense of a whole through a duration or a series of events.

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