By Deanin R.D., Crugnola A.M., Gould R.F. (eds.)

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This quantity includes a variety of subject matters comparable to the activation and manipulation of pyrroles, the synthesis of annelated pyrroles utilizing acylation reactions and the synthesis of kainoids, a kinfolk of hugely biologically lively nitrogen heterocycles.

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In this chapter, we summarize recent developments in the synthesis of organometallic dendrimers, in which organometallic species act as building block in every generation. Such dendrimers are generated by successive reactions characteristic of organometallic complexes, and some of them show interesting properties. Keywords. Metallodendrimer, Organometallic complex, Metal acetylide 1 Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 2 Dendrimers Based on Alkyl-Metal Complexes . . .

5] independently initiated such studies by using polypyridine Ru complexes in the early 1990s. Organometallic dendrimers offer several advantages for tailoring dendritic molecules with desirable functionalities due to not only the availability of a wide variety of organic compounds that coordinate to many kinds of metal atoms but also the flexibility of the coordination modes between metal atoms and organic ligands. The appropriate choice of organometallic complexes for the core and the building block allows us to design a novel dendritic molecule in which the number and position of the metallic species are precisely controlled, and specific applications such as catalysts, multi-redox system, and molecular sensors are realized [6].

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