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No data exist on the toxicity of pentachlorophenol following inhalation exposure in animals from which MRLs could be developed. 005 mg/kg/day has been derived for pentachlorophenol. This MRL is based on a developmental toxicity study in which groups of pregnant rats were administered pure or technical-grade pentachlorophenol in corn oil by gavage on gestational days 6–15. At the lowest PENTACHLOROPHENOL 18 2. RELEVANCE TO PUBLIC HEALTH pure pentachlorophenol dose tested (5 mg/kg/day), a significant increase in the occurrence of delayed ossification of the skull was observed.

Several other studies have reported alterations in reproductive tissues. The observed effects include decreased testes weight and focal/multifocal mononuclear cell infiltrate in the epididymis in first generation rats, focal degeneration of the seminiferous tubules in sheep, and increased severity of PENTACHLOROPHENOL 1111111111111111111 17 2. RELEVANCE TO PUBLIC HEALTH uterine and oviduct cysts in sheep and mink. Histological alterations were not observed in rats orally exposed to pure or technical-grade pentachlorophenol for an intermediate or chronic duration.

PENTACHLOROPHENOL 26 3. HEALTH EFFECTS Dermal Effects. Occupationally-exposed workers at a wood-treatment plant exhibited a statistically significant increase in low-grade inflammation of skin and subcutaneous tissue, and severe eruptions of the skin. However, it is possible these symptoms resulted from exposure to contaminants in pentachlorophenol (chlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins, dibenzofurans) and other materials such as dieldrin, chromium, fluorine, arsenic, copper, boron, and tin compounds (Baader and Bauer 1951; Klemmer et al.

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