By Libor Dostálek; Alena Kabelová

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The situation is different for modems inserted into computers in the form of a PCMCIA card or a modem card, and for USB modems. This is because these modems do not use the standard COM ports and, consequently, we can theoretically use synchronous transmission as well. When configuring synchronous modems, we should not forget to set one modem as the timing source (originator). If the originator is the computer, then we set the modem of the time-generating computer as the originator. This modem also needs to be configured so as to be capable of using an external time source.

In promiscuous mode, the network card reads all the frames and we can track all the traffic in your LAN segment. You can switch the network interface card into promiscuous mode using the Network Monitor program, which is a part of the SMS Server. If the network interface card is not in promiscuous mode, you can see the frames sent out by your station and the ones that are addressed to it. These not only include frames that have one of your station's addresses, but also all broadcasts. You will also see all multicasts that your station accepts.

Using buttons, the modem switches back to the default setting (asynchronous transmission is usually the default setting). 1 AT Commands AT commands are simple orders, used to control the computer modem. For example, the ATH command means that the computer sends to the modem (or more specifically, to the COM port) an ATH string. The modem then interprets the ATH string as a command. Initially, the computer communicates with the local modem using the AT commands. Once the connection between modems has been established, the local modem informs of its establishment by sending the CONNECT command to the local computer and, subsequently, switches to data mode.

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Understanding TCP/IP : a clear and comprehensive guide to TCP/IP protocols = Velký prûvodce protokoly TCP/IP a systémem DNS by Libor Dostálek; Alena Kabelová

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