By David M. Gunn and Danna Nolan Fewell

ISBN-10: 019213244X

ISBN-13: 9780192132444

After nearly centuries of old feedback, biblical scholarship has lately taken significant shifts in path, such a lot particularly towards literary learn of the Bible. a lot germinal feedback has taken as its basic concentration narrative texts of the Hebrew Bible (the "Old Testament"). This examine presents a lucid advisor to the interpretive chances of this circulate. trying to be either theoretical and useful, it combines dialogue of equipment and the enterprise of examining as a rule with a number of illustrations via readings of specific texts. Gunn and Fewell talk about how literary feedback is expounded to different dominant methods of examining the textual content over the past thousand years. additionally, they deal with characters, together with the narrator and God; plot, editing fresh thought to house the abnormal complexity of biblical narratives; and the play of language via repetition, ambiguity, multivalence, metaphor, and intertextuality. ultimately, the authors talk about readers and accountability, exploring the ideological size of narrative interpretation. an in depth bibliography completes the publication, prepared by way of topic and biblical textual content.

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And we become acquainted with these people in much the same way we get to know people in real life. Nothing is simpler than to create for oneself the idea of a human being, a figure and a character, from a series of glimpses and anecdotes. Creation of this kind we practise every day; we are continually piecing together our fragmentary evidence about the people around us and moulding their images in thought. It is the way in which we make our world; partially, imperfectly, very much at haphazard, but still perpetually, everybody deals with this experience like an artist.

The narrator is a character who tells the story while other characters enact it. Because the narrator controls the story's presentation, it is the narrator's point of view that could be said to predominate over all others. And it is, in fact, the narrator who determines how other points of view emerge. ) Reliability 'The Bible', claims Meir Sternberg, 'always tells the truth in that its narrator is absolutely and straightforwardly reliable' (1985: 51 ¶F). Reliability in this literary sense is defined in terms of the story world; it is not a claim about absolute truth (though many readers of the Bible make no such distinction).

We shall begin by treating these separately. As our exploration proceeds, however, we shall find that we are not simply gathering information < previous page page_51 next page > < previous page page_52 next page > Page 52 from these sources but observing the interplay between them and evaluating discrepant data. The narrator One obvious difference between art and life is the narrator. Some of us wish we had an omniscient narrator in our own livessomeone to consult for the scoop on the people we meet (and on ourselves, for that matter).

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[UNREADABLE] Narrative in the Hebrew Bible by David M. Gunn and Danna Nolan Fewell

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